Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Blindsided Malonis emerges Dazed into Media Spotlight

The San Angelo Standard-Times - "I can't figure out what they're doing or where they're coming from," said the girl's attorney, Natalie Malonis, referring to CPS and noting documents the agency filed in December describing what it alleged was an abusive home environment. "I'm not really sure what happened between December and Feb. 1 or 2." Malonis, it seems, cannot even buy a clue.
"The nonsuit does not end litigation involving her case, however.

Malonis months ago filed a counterpetition asking the court to determine custody between her parents - Jeffs and his wife, Annette, and to grant appropriate relief, likely meaning child support payments and the like, given that Jeffs is in prison, convicted in Utah of forcing a 14-year-old girl to marry her 19-year-old cousin.

He is also awaiting trial on felony charges in Arizona and has been indicted on felony sexual abuse charges in Schleicher County.

The move also does not affect a hearing scheduled for Friday that will determine whether to seal transcripts of a deposition of ranch leader Merril Jessop, the father of the girl's alleged husband, taken by Malonis in the case and a hearing held afterward to compel Jessop's testimony.

Malonis said she plans to continue to seek support for her client as the girl approaches adulthood, adding she believes the girl is an intended beneficiary of the sect's United Effort Plan trust.

'I think she is' a beneficiary, Malonis said, adding that she plans to petition the trust for distribution of funds for the girl once she turns 18. 'The way it's designed, which is kind of loosely and nebulously, I think she is.' "

I'm afraid the "loose" or "nebulous" thing here is, what Malonis thinks is her involvement. It's as if they told her the plank, was a diving board, and they'd come back for her.

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Carol said...

Is it possible, with Malonis wanting to set up a trust fund for for Teresa, a way to control her life/finances until she is 21/25?
If Malonis was named guardian of the trust fund, this could happen. (I know from experience)

The Pharisee said...

Whatever the intention, Malonis was blindsided.

They cut her loose.

Assuming for the moment that her attorney client relationship continues with Teresa Jeffs and that in the end Malonis does real good for her client, it still wouldn't change the fact that no one told her this was coming, and that it hurts her standing with relationship to Teresa Jeffs.

Texas is shooting their wounded. This does not help morale.

Silver Rose said...

Teresa, according to the flds.ws site, has filed for emancipation, although with CPS now non-suiting her, that may not be necessary.

Will it?

I hope Teresa takes out a restraining order against Malonis now that she has been non-suited.

Can she?

The Pharisee said...

As emancipated, she will not need child support, and all of Natalie's ministrations on her behalf become unnecessary. She can choose her own attorney as well.

I honestly cannot see how the court could refuse her emancipation request, I doubt it's against her parents wishes and she's almost 18 already.

Silver Rose said...

If Teresa has to go before Walther for emancipation, it could go any way.

I just hope and pray that Malonis is TOTALLY out of Teresa's life and that Teresa, if not Annette, can return to the ranch.

As an 'adult' - emancipated or otherwise, will Teresa be allowed to choose where to live?

Oh, if only we could see Merrianne free, too.

The Pharisee said...

I don't know that she would have to do that.

Silver said...

I didn't say she HAD to return to the Ranch, I said COULD she.

Or are you refering to the restraining order?

The Pharisee said...

I was referring to whether or not she had to go before Walther for emancipation. Sorry, I wasn't very clear.

cheese said...


Who is paying Malonis now? If Teresa is 'non-suited' then is there a need for an AAL? And if there is no need then is Malonis just running on a vendetta? I'm wondering here?

ztgstmv said...

I'll bet Malonis is being funded by Fischer.