Thursday, February 19, 2009

Piccarreta's Latest Motion, moves to strike. (UPDATED)

The motion is 63 pages long. It contains the interviews of Brooks Long and David Doran. I'll update and comment as I become familiar with it.
Motion to strike.

Point one, Piccarreta says Texas wrote Arizona's motion. That's hilarious. It's also probably true.

Point two, there are several excellent points made but I'll focus on this. Texas may well conspire and cooperate among the FBI, Rangers, Sheriffs and Judges, but Judge Conn in Arizona would not be part of this cabal, in fact the obstruction of Texas which has worked for them to this point on their side of the border, works against them in Arizona, and if they are NOT forthcoming, will get the evidence excluded. Piccarreta notes that it is the court's duty to do this when such obstruction is carried out.

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ztgstmv said...

Not sure if Picaretta has gotten to it, but they better start inquiring into how in the heck Swinton knew so much about YFZ, and could rattle off DETAILS about the raid as it transpired. For the umpteenth time, I will point out that this all but proves she had an insider among the authorities on the ground with whom she was communicating. more details
That they're trying to cover the Swinton angle up, is pretty scary.

The Pharisee said...

Z, I can't see that.

ztgstmv said...

sorry, here's the text:

Hello Editor of ProPublica (,

I heard you are a group that does investigative journalism in the public's interest. I have a story proposal for you. Please uncover the conspiracy in Texas, Colorado, and Utah involving an anti-FLDS coalition of the anti-FLDS activist Flora Jessop, the AGs in Texas, Utah, and Arizona, Texas Law Enforcement, and others.

My deep suspicion is that the hoax caller that set off the FLDS raid was prompted and coaxed by Flora Jessop and/or Ranger Long. Recently Warren Jeffs' (imprisoned prophet of the FLDS) attorney tried to interview Flora Jessop about her ongoing phone calls with the hoax caller during the raid, but Flora Jessop has been dodging this (see

The research question is: How did Rozita Swinton know certain details about the raid as it transpired. See the reference to Swinton's knowledge of certain toys issued to the kids here:,5620,700231682,00.html

Also this quote from the sltrib in April (reprinted here: "They think it's legitimate, that Sarah really does exist," said Susan Risdon, who talked with the shelter's director Friday about the issue. "She had so much information about what was going on at the compound. If it was this woman in Colorado, she would have had to have someone on the inside feeding her information."

Also reprinted from the sltrib ( "Days later, Sarah told the Washington state shelter she was among the FLDS women and children in state custody in San Angelo. She explained she was using the cell phone of a Colorado cousin. And she dropped in small, accurate details, such as the name of a woman who worked at the San Angelo shelter, which had not been reported by news media, and a rainstorm that hit one night, according to a later Colorado arrest warrant request."

I believe that Sarah was being fed information by an inside informant, possibly working with the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers were with the Colorado police when they searched Swinton's apartment. The Rangers took evidence from the Swinton's apartment, and are keeping that under wraps. The Rangers say they are continuing to investigate Rozita Swinton as a "person of interest" regarding her role in triggering the raid. But it has been 8 months, and the Rangers have not revealed anything to the public about this very important fact.

I believe there's a cover-up and that the Texas Rangers are part of it. They used Rozita Swinton as their probable cause to invade a peaceful people and cart off and abuse 460 of their children and adults, putting them through excrutiating experimental medical exams, endless interrogation, and still aren't through with them.

The truth regarding Rozita Swinton needs to be uncovered. Corruption among the Texas Rangers and others involved in this persecution should not be allowed to go unpunished!



cheese said...

zig, why do you hate me?

The Pharisee said...


You've closed your blog to all but invited participants. If you're going to link to it, I won't be able to see what you're talking about there, until you invite me to be a participant.


Hugh McBryde

ztgstmv said...

I don't hate you all. My blog is in the process of being taken down. I'm just trying to glean a couple of articles out before I do so, which I'll do when I get the time.

I'm not posting any more. I'm finding that being a voice crying in the wilderness is futile, and will only get me beheaded (or imprisoned with my children seized and auctioned off by CPS).

The FLDS need to find their own country because this country is determined to destroy them -- that much is apparent.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for defending the innocent, I have a special place in my heart for true patriots, these next few years are looking pretty grim for those who want true freedom, and really, all we have to look forward to are the words of the prophets to be fulfilled.
thanks again