Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Fall of Reynolds would be Just Ducky with me, and other random news.

More new blogroll Members. More deletions. Goodbye with sadness to the the "Politburo Diktat" and the "War Fish Blog" (the Pharisee has a soft spot for submarines) because they simply don't post enough information. I'm saying hello to
The Fall of Reynolds and Just Ducky. Not much is happening of the FLDS front. There is an important court date later this month, Friday, in Arizona. I watch the High Profile Cases page in Mohave County like a hawk, for any movement.

The FLDS I think can win the truth war, if they get their message out. I posted this letter to several friends recently and I think it's important to note WHERE people go to find out WHAT is going on with the FLDS cases.
Something to note. The MOST COMMENTED on blogs are blogs liked by those who oppose the FLDS in this particular circumstance. Texas Polygamy for instance, and Texas Blues Man's blog "Coram Non Judice" have extensive comments. So does Brooke's blog. There is a perception that her BLOG is widely read.

Prior to Brooke switching publishing software, from "Blogger" to what I believe is "Word Press," her blog was tied up in the rankings of the Salt Lake Tribune, making it hard to determine what she really draws. While her blog is still in it's infancy, as far as the SITE LOCATION it has now, it's important to remind you again, of what I just said.

The MOST COMMENTED on blogs are the least read, in general, in this controversy. The most READ blogs have higher than average comments, but not the most comments. It seems to resemble what we knew, back when I was in radio, about call in talk shows. You're tempted to go for high caller participation, because that means a lot of people are out there listening, right?

Wrong. The most listened to talk shows have a much lower level of listener participation. A local talk show host caught up in "lighting up the phone lines" died in the ratings.

Right now, "Plural Life" has a ranking of 965,660 in the United States.

Truth Will Prevail, 89,838
Me, 114,820
Bill, 174,847
Kurt (Contraries/I Perceive), 236,611
Toes, 257,759 (Toes, if you'd put more content out there, you'd outrank Kurt)
Pliggy, 393,417
Texas Polygamy, 446,601
Coram (Blues), 463,672

What does this mean? The VAST majority of people LOOKING for news on the FLDS/YFZ situation expect to hear the TRUTH from a PRO FLDS point of view. That means they have already decided. The truth war is over.

First they go STRAIGHT to the FLDS (or at least, in their mind, "TruthWillPrevail" amounts to that), then they hit either me or Bill, Toes, Pliggy or Kurt.
Bottom line, if the STORY could be more widely told, the story from the FLDS perspective would be more likely believed. It's worked where ever it's been tried.

Last, I go before the "session" on March the 8th, with my views on polygyny. Those who are Presbyterian will (or should) know what this means. The purpose of the appearance is to ratify formally that I hold the views I do, contrary to church doctrine, but wish to be a member anyway.

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Robbyn said...

Thank you for posting my blog on your blogroll. My husband and myself are not in a plural marriage, but we find a lot of biblical support for those who choose to be. We're big advocates of preserving our freedoms, privacy, and faith. I seldom write openly about many of the things we hold dear simply because we're trying to quietly just live our lives without interference. Thank you for including us among such diverse company :)