Friday, February 20, 2009

Redacting Sarah Part Deux: The "Unpersoning" of Sarah.

Earlier I had posted about the reason for the redaction of "Sarah Barlow" from Arizona Motions as evidence that Arizona is participating in the legal fiction of "Sarah Barlow." Why?
As long as there is a legally real potential victim "Sarah Barlow" then Texas doesn't have to acknowledge that the call that set off the raid of YFZ was a hoax. It's one of those open secrets. "Everybody knows" or at least "Everybody who is familiar with the case knows" that there is no Sarah Barlow, there is only Rozita Swinton of Colorado Springs, or maybe a federal psychiatric facility somewhere in Missouri. Or maybe...or maybe who knows.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "(Texas Ranger Lt. Brooks) Long said during his interview he is unaware of any investigation into (Rozita) Swinton. The ranger said that authorities from Texas, other states and the federal government met in 2004 to discuss the FLDS and that he visited the ranch at least four times prior to the raid."

Treat this as the truth, because in essence, it is. Despite the fact that Texas has an ongoing investigation into Swinton that is not yet complete, Brooks just blurted out the truth, they're doing NOTHING. So, when the latest motion gets posted to the Mohave County site, it gets posted LATE, and while every reference made to the childless 34 year old African American Ms. Swinton, who is PROBABLY a lesbian to boot, who has NEVER had a child, is spelled out, every reference to the mythical "Sarah Barlow," is REDACTED. In case you're wondering, that's REMOVED, or WHITED OUT. The Salt Lake Tribune goes on to participate in the myth by ALSO not naming her, as if she is a real victim. The protocol, if you will remember, is that a minor victim of a sex crime should not be named. So, we pretend that Sarah exists, and thus she now loses her name.

"Long did acknowledge that authorities never located the girl named in two search warrants used to enter the ranch and the sect's temple. They also never located anyone who claimed to have made the calls, Long said.

'I don't think that you're gonna have somebody stand up and say, "I made the call," ' Long told the defense attorneys."

So why don't you ask? Remember that Brooks Long has said that there is no ongoing investigation, yet that was the immediate statement of Texas (linked above) on April 18th, 2008 after Rozita's arrest, and now, this exchange from the interview (page 20);

Michael Piccarreta: "(D)o you recognize now that this outcry that started this whole thing came from Rozita Swinton?"

Eric Nichols, Texas Attorney General's Office: "We're not uh, Mike, just so you know, we're not going to be answering questions concerning matters that are, as the witness has already said, may implicate 6(e) concerns as well as matters that are a matter of ongoing investigation in the State of Texas."

Michael Piccarreta: "Well I'm just, all right, well let me ask you this. Do you concede now that the phone calls that triggered these events back in March and April of '03, were not from a (NAME OF SARAH BARLOW REDACTED)?"

But Brooks says he's not aware of an ongoing investigation, and he's sitting right there, next to Eric Nichols, when Mr. Nichols, says there is. Now with the press in active participation mode, removing the name of a non existent victim, they are beginning to weave an Orwellian web where the names of the inconvenient, the unpersons, just disappear. Sarah becomes a mixture of State Hero turned State Villain slowly receding like the Cheshire Cat, until nothing but the call remains. Or, is it that Rozita is Emmanuel Goldstein?

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