Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"But evidence showed (Teresa Jeffs) married an older man at 15.." (No more Seppuka, Texas resorts to "killing" the embarrassing.)

"But she married an older man!" sputters an apparently (and genuinely) shocked Terri Langford over at the Houston Chronicle. Just like that, it's everyone for themselves. Let the Defenestrations begin!
The Houston Chronicle - "In December, CPS found that there was a 'reason to believe' (Warren Jeffs' daughter Teresa) had been abused.

That finding and the agency’s decision to have the case dropped seem contradictory, the girl’s attorney, Natalie Malonis, said.

Jeffs’ daughter noted in her diary that she married Raymond Jessop, son of Jeffs’ chief deputy, Merril Jessop, at 15.

'The Lord blessed me to go forward in marriage July 27, 2006, the day after I turned 15 years old,' the girl wrote in a journal recovered by law enforcement after the April raid. Jeffs' own records showed he officiated at his teenage daughter’s wedding to Jessop."

Terri just can't seem to believe it. Surely this case was a lock, and it's dropped? Particularly after all of that 5th amendment pleading under oath by creepy old men? Dropped?

Unless something quickly comes to light showing this to be part of a grand strategy with another shoe to fall, Natalie Malonis just got cut loose. The boat is swamping and Barbara Walther just lightened the load. Only none of these clowns know who's going to be the next lump of dead weight to be thrown overboard and anyone with half a brain should be worried that it's them next.

This is the first execution. Previously disgraced members of the Texas side of this mess have been allowed to commit Seppuka (resigning) but now we find Natalie Malonis shoved overboard or tossed out of the castle like Jezebel, for the dogs to eat.

Don't think that's not lost on everyone else still alive on the Texas side. I'd look around for the drop cloth if I got called into the office.

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mhojho said...

It does appear that malonis is being used here, maybe thats why kurt feels sorry for her.

Silver Rose said...

Who understands anything about Kurt anymore. He bought whatever tall tale Natalie told him - I haven't read his blog yet - that's my next stop, but I sure don't feel sorry for either him and especially not for Natalie.

If she had been like every other ad litem, DISCREET, then Teresa being non-suited would have been expected and not a big deal - just one more step toward the reunification of families like is SUPPOSED to happen and be the goal of all involved.

Instead, Malonis has egg all over her face, and it's a Texas-sized egg.

No one to blame but herself for her very public humiliation.

The Pharisee said...

I think Kurt wanted to believe someone on the other side was reasonable, telling the truth (at least from their perspective) and could be befriended.

I made that mistake briefly with Patrick Crimmins.