Friday, February 06, 2009

Forecasting the Merrianne Jessop issue.

It will not go the way of Teresa Jeffs, at least not this afternoon.
The pattern of Walther's decisions are political. Merrianne might get her choice of lawyer because I know of no self respecting attorney that would want to do Walther's bidding after the Dusek and Malonis fiascos. Court appearances do not decide anything in Walther Land. Evidence presented in court decides nothing, the decisions are already made, and "announced." Hence there was a "surprisingly" short appearance by Walther and an exit. You don't spend time dwelling on bad news after all, for your side.

The Merrianne Jessop issue will be decided this afternoon, and Walther will spend, as she does, time deciding things behind the scenes, and then the bad news will be delivered and she will make a quick exit, leaving the results of her "drive by rulings" for everyone to struggle with over the weekend.

I'd love to be wrong, but in forecasting these things, I note that the San Angelo Standard Times motion to set aside a subpoena, was dismissed. That means Walther will continue to grind her ax in that arena, which is probably bad news for Merrianne. I'd love to be wrong. Let's hope I am.

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Silver Rose said...

I don't understand.

What does the newspaper subpoena being dismissed have to do with Merrianne?

The Pharisee said...

Walther strikes me as vengeful, so if the case were still on her desk, she'd punish the paper, if she was getting rid of the case, she'd want nothing more to do with it, so she'd have quashed the subpoena, like the paper wanted to do.