Monday, February 23, 2009

New Addition to the Blogroll

A wife, searches for a Sister Wife, and gives her 10 reasons for entering a Polygyny.
1. You are living in a big family with your best friends always around, and a lot of support for your life style from other adults.
2. You have a lot of children around, your own and those of your sister wives.
3. The work in house and garden is distributed evenly amongst the adults of the family.
4. You, as a part of the family, can live self sufficiently on the family's own land, and so can your children.
5. You are well protected in bad times, and in good company at all times.
6. You can home school your children together with other children of the household.
7. You will not have to go to a nursery home when you are old, but will be well cared for all the days of your life.
8. You can eat wholesome food that the family grew itself.
9. You can stay home with your children and don't have to sell yourself to an employer.
10. Your children have plenty of other children to grow up with, who are all raised according to the same standard.
"Sister, where art thou?"

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