Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creeping towards 100,000

I use Alexa Ranking because it is readily available to every reader of this blog, and widely considered to be roughly accurate.
As of today, the "Modern Pharisee" ranks as 109,358th most popular web site in the United States. That's bigger for instance than the "Big Fork Eagle" or the "Whitefish Pilot" or the "Eldordo Success," which are all newspapers.

I have however, not made my first $100.00 in ad revenue. Why is this remotely interesting, at least to me? Because I'm for the first time, less than 10,000 places away from the 99,999th ranking spot in the United States. Clearly if I ever get to something like the top 10,000, this will be a full time job. I'm not there yet, but I can break that 5 significant digits barrier, and I'm working on it.

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