Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't worry Annette, we're from the Government, and we're here to help you. (UPDATED)

With really, only two (one?) girl(s) as full of vinegar towards the state as could possibly be found, what was the reason to raid YFZ again?
The three remaining FLDS children under suit are Teresa Steed ? (Serena Keate?), Merrianne Jessop and one boy, a 9 10 year old. Of the three, two are directly tied to Warren, one through marriage/betrothal, that being Merrianne and the other being his son Ammon. His daughter, Teresa Jeffs, has been dropped from CPS suit. (UDPATE-It appears Ammon Jeffs has been NONSUITED, circumstances to follow.)
"Child Protective Services confirmed to the Deseret News the agency filed to have the child 'nonsuited' on Friday, leaving only two children left in the case. However, a judge may have to decide custody issues before dropping the case."
Typically, when a decision isn't going Judge Walther's way, she shoves the decision up against a weekend and "plays" FLDS parents for the duration. This was a particularly nice weekend to use, with "President's day" being on Monday, essentially Annette Jeffs, who is not the child's mother (that woman having died in 2004) has to wait out the weekend. I'm beginning to see a pattern of not waiting well on the part of the FLDS in general. They signed too many "service plans" right after the raid to get their children back when a little patience may have spared them a lot of later grief. More recently there was an anti FLDS blog site that went up and in the disorganized dither and panic surrounding it, people complained to "wordpress" and the site was taken down. Yes the site was embarrassing but the art of war says "leave it up and draw out it's publishers into the open." In the end, a lot more could have been gained by patience than by panic. Everybody should know where their towel is. So Walther, who is a consummate small town political operator, leans emotionally on the FLDS because she has had success in the past doing so. "Make 'em wait" she seems to say, "A bad day on Friday for me, is a better day on Tuesday." "Let 'em stew." And stew they do.

Here's hoping no one makes foolish concessions. The only reason to have Warren's son is that technically, he is probably the only child that should have stayed under CPS suit after the raid. His dad is in jail. The state actually had a formal responsibility to declare guardianship once his essentially orphaned state was discovered.

"San Angelo attorney Jonathan R. Davis also raised questions about Warren Jeffs, noting his criminal convictions, pending criminal cases and documents that revealed he performed underage marriages. Davis asked that either CPS or Annette Jeffs be appointed conservator over the child, with conditions, and Warren Jeffs' access to the boy limited until he reaches maturity."

This is utterly ridiculous. LIMIT access to the boy? His access is already limited. Warren may live out his life in jail in another state. The only reason Warren's access would not be limited is that Warren would not be IN jail and by the time that happens the reason for limiting his access will either be swept away through acquittal on charges and reversal of previous charges or because Warren has been let out of jail after a long time in prison and his son, who is 9, will easily be another 9 years older. An adult. Admitting something along these lines though would be admitting for instance that Merrianne Jessop is no longer in danger, for the same reasons.

"Davis wrote that the boy appears 'physically healthy and is both courteous and well-behaved.' He currently lives with Annette Jeffs and is home-schooled, according to court papers. Montford asked for that arrangement to continue, adding that if the case were to go to court she would mount a religious freedom defense.

'Annette Jeffs is free to exercise and hold her religious beliefs and raise her children according to these beliefs without government infringement,' (Annette's attorney Mindy) Montford wrote. "Respondent may also educate her children in a manner that she sees appropriate.'

Court clerks were unsure late Friday if 51st District Judge Barbara Walther had nonsuited the boy. A court hearing is tentatively scheduled for March 5. The boy's siblings were dropped a couple of weeks ago."

Having heard nothing over the weekend on this case, I'm going to guess Barbara waits until some concession is made today, or that she waits until March 5th. That day being a Thursday, she will probably decide to "think about it" overnight and will return to issue an 11th hour ruling on Friday. That ruling will be timed and handled so as to muffle the sound of the child's non-suiting and release or to make as much of a dust up as possible about some rumored abuse. There's always the possibility that she will release the child under the cloud of some huge news cycle so that no one notices. If the stock market plunges or an important figure dies or someone goes to war, figure that Warren's 9 year old will quietly be slipped through the dust to Annette.

With CPS having essentially "non-suited" all but two of the 439 children, the question of whether or not the YFZ environment is or was abusive is settled. It wasn't. Virtually every other "environment" for 439 children in this country if investigated in the same fashion, would yield more cases of abuse. Right now we have a 14 year old virgin that is threatened by a man that will be locked up for the duration of her teenage years, and a 17 year old with a child, who isn't interested in the state's help, has been openly defiant of them and will be 18 this summer. Clearly no one needed or wanted their help. A classic case of "we're from the Government, and we're here to help you."

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