Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Collusion? Rozita's Trials DELAYED.

Oh, Rozita's Colorado Cases are TOTALLY disconnected from Texas. No coordination going on here, none at all, no sirree....Is ANYONE still under the DELUSION that she will go to trial on a misdemeanor beef BEFORE things get thrashed out in Texas? Why is it SO IMPORTANT to keep her out of circulation?
The Deseret News - "A series of hearings for Rozita Swinton, 34, scheduled to begin Wednesday in Colorado Springs, Colo., were vacated, court records show, with a review hearing rescheduled for March 11. Her trial on a misdemeanor false reporting case was delayed last month while authorities completed a mental health evaluation, prosecutors said. Court records show a report was filed Jan. 28 in El Paso County court."
How clear does it have to get that Colorado is watching and/or taking instructions from Texas? Whoever "They" are, "They" are desperate to keep testimony from occurring involving Rozita.

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