Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gary Condit Innocent of Murder, but apparently Guilty of Texas Style Polygamy. Arrest that man!!

Remember Gary Condit? Who when we were through with him, we were sure he murdered Chandra Levy, with whom he was having an affair? (BTW, didn't that make him a "polygamist?")

Maybe Gary didn't do it.
"NBC affiliate WRC in Washington and KGO, KFSN and KCRA in California said D.C. police are seeking an arrest warrant in Chandra Levy's death.

The warrant would be for an inmate convicted of attacking two female joggers in the same Washington park where Levy's remains were found in 2002.

Quoting sources, WRC reported that police have submitted evidence to the U.S. Attorney's Office in an bid to get an arrest warrant for a man identified as Ingmar Guandique.

WRC said an inmate serving time with Guandique told investigators that Guandique told him he killed Levy. Guandique told police he saw Levy in the park, but did not harm her."
The Polygamist Part?
"The married Condit told police that he and Levy were having an affair. Police did not consider him a suspect, but the negative publicity was cited as the main cause of the California Democrat's re-election defeat in 2002."
As long as he didn't "purport" to be married, and use his freedom of speech to do anything more than have an affair, I guess that's ok.

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