Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A photo essay.

I am going to do a photo series. First, Rozita to the Right. Next is her Colorado Springs Room mate Becky Hoerth on the left. Click "more," because there is more.

Becky ran distance races in Colorado Springs, just like Rozita. She knew a lot about Rozita when they came to arrest Ms. Swinton, and claimed to have been her roommate only for one day.

I will picture next, Mary Catharine Nelson. Rozita's Foster Mother.

Rozita's foster mother. With a quote about Rozita.
"Swinton, Mary Catharine Nelson wrote, was 'to say the least, unpredictable.'

'With black hair and beautiful deep brown eyes and skin, she eventually went west to Utah and got a job she loved, as a nanny,' she wrote.

In the book 'Raising Shane,' (Rozita's Foster Mother) described Swinton as 'one of the most interesting people you can imagine.'

'Among her many talents, Rozita is a superb cook,' she wrote. 'Her fried chicken is, as they say, to die for.' "
Next, Dr. Peggy Ann Way. Tireless Gay/Lesbian/Trangender rights "Theologian."

A mentor of the "Rev." Mary Catharine Nelson, writer of gushing praises of the two forgetable vanity press tomes of "Kate Rosemary" aka "Merry Cate Noel" the nom de plumes of the "Rev." Nelson.

Oh, one more visit, with Becky, the woman on the lower left.

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