Sunday, February 15, 2009

Marriage, and a tale of four Websites.

Which site would you expect to be the largest? The Presbyterian Church in America? The Orthodox Presbyterian Church?
Mine? The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America? The very fact that I am asking the question suggests that perhaps I top the list. In terms of how all of us rank in the United States (a rank found at the bottom of the Alexa Page) I came out on top.

The Modern Pharisee - 130,097
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church - 138,138
The Presbyterian Church in America - 190,047
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America - 842,749

I haven't been selective. These are the major Presbyterian and theologically conservative denominations in the United States. The Associated Reformed and Hanover Presbytery all rank a lot lower and don't have a national rank for this country. To be fair, the "Anchor Church" in the PCA, the nationally known "Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church" outranks my web page by a little bit (update, that rating changed over night to me being slightly ahead). The Late Dr. James Kennedy preached at Coral Ridge. Church members are far more likely to turn to their own church's web page than to that of the denomination. The web pages of "ministries" also do a lot better. Gary Demar's "American Vision" does better than mine.

All of these sites have substantial design and support dollars behind them. They have staffs. Aside from Trina, I've had no help, the content is all mine, except for quoting material found elsewhere on the internet.

The point? I have often been told that the subject matter that I care about and place in my blog is of no concern to people. Yet here it is, outranking the two denominations that I have attended over my years of wandering across this country. I've been told this at forums I frequent. No one cares, yet the subject matter tends to attract the greatest numbers of comments and views of other subject threads in those forums.

Why do you suppose that is?

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ztgstmv said...

Trina is what relation to you, out of curiosity.

The Pharisee said...

A very good friend who lives on the other side of the country. She is a "Tech" expert, at least in relationship to myself, who helps me with plumbing issues on my blog.