Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Makes it a Year

The calls started coming a year ago in March.
With the sudden wind down of child custody cases, came a sudden disappearance of stories from all the major press outlets. The only story covered was a self congratulatory one from the Deseret News about what a cool job they did covering the YFZ raid. You can almost hear the doors slamming, the lights going out, the file boxes being filled and placed in storage.

Phase one, is over.

The first part of the FLDS story is that which all good hearted people (which would be most of us) could care about. Mothers separated from their children. This is never good and even CPS admits that. Now we're down to three, perhaps two children, depending on whether you believe Bill Medvecky, I do, so it's two. Effectively speaking a very small child who probably won't end up ultimately in CPS custody and 14 year old Merrianne Jessop, betrothed and/or wed to Warren Jeffs are really, in the mind of the assembled guardians of public access, not too high a price to pay in our collective conscience for getting a bunch of dirty old men.

We now know what the press thinks of Warren, and the other eleven indicted men. They are as expendable as the remaining two children. This list was originally found at the Salt Lake Tribune, but now can be found archived here;
  • » Warren S. Jeffs, 53, aggravated sexual assault; sexual assault of a minor; bigamy.
  • » Lloyd H. Barlow, 38, failure to report child abuse.
  • » Keith William Dutson, 23, sexual assault of a minor.
  • » Michael George Emack, 57, bigamy.
  • » Allan Eugene Keate, 56, sexual assault of a minor.
  • » Abram Harker Jeffs, 37, bigamy; sexual assault of a minor.
  • » Lehi Barlow Jeffs, 29, bigamy; sexual assault of a minor.
  • » Fredrick Merril Jessop, 72, conducting an unlawful marriage.
  • » Merril Leroy Jessop, 33, sexual assault of a minor; bigamy.
  • » Raymond Merril Jessop, 36, sexual assault of a minor; bigamy.
  • » Wendell Loy Nielsen, 68, bigamy.
  • » Leroy Johnson Steed, 42, sexual assault of a minor; two counts of bigamy; tampering with evidence.
I pointed out earlier today that our world champion "marrying kind," Linda Lou Taylor, had married first at age 16, in 1956 to a 31 year old man fresh out of the military. There was even a song in that era, celebrating age differences that they used to sing, slightly modified. Linda stayed married to that man for 7 years, and described him as her "best" husband. More recently there have been songs like the one covered by Ringo Starr, "You're 16, you're beautiful, and you're mine." Loretta Lynn marries at 13 and has a bigger family by 18, than almost anyone you now know, unless you watch the Duggers on TV and think you know them. Unless you're FLDS. And reading this.

Now the age differences of Raymond Jessop, Merril Jessop, Leroy Steed, Lehi Jeffs, Keith Dutson and their similarly aged brides are vilified and pilloried as heinous felonies. I fail to see how marrying a 16 year old becomes rape in a mere 50 years. I fail to see how it is that if you did marry, legally, a 16 year old in these days and cheated on her, that the actions of Raymond, Merril, Leroy, Lehi and Keith in marrying informally the girls they married and having others, would amount to any thing more serious than the aforementioned cheating older husband.

Let me run that by you again. I'm saying you can run out and marry a 16 year old and cheat on her and nothing will happen to you. Nothing substantively different happens to the girls of the FLDS men either, yet while they all want to remain with one another, the FLDS men are perhaps going to jail for a very long time as felons. This is nonsense. Yet this is "icky" to the press covering it, so they won't stand up for these men at all.

Linda Lou can marry her 31 year old at 16. A 13 year old can marry her 14 year old boyfriend, and cheat on him with her soccer coach. Linda Lou's husband can cheat on her with a 21 year old woman, and no one goes to jail. If you propose that what you do is marriage, but don't bother to register it, and also suppose that you can have permanent other girlfriends, you're going to jail, don't pick up the soap.

This is a nutshell is where the press is now. They're faced with investigating a story that may, in the end, result in letting 11 men go that did something we allow to happen legally, all the time, but don't want to hear about, because it's "icky." God help you if you stand up and say "what have these men done" because if you do, you'll be labeled as a pedophile.

Phase two, where the press steps back, having given the people what they want, mothers with their children, and gives over the men, to be sacrificed. After years of being told they're not needed. Men can now be thrown overboard.

To my knowledge, there is not one wife that wants to be loose from her common law spouse. All will be 18 or older when the trials start next fall. It's icky though, and we saw it, so these men must pay.

To my knowledge, there is not a child that wants to be separated from their fathers, but the above applies as well. It's icky, we saw it, the men must pay. Study after study shows the effects on children of breaking up families, of separating children from their fathers, but, it's ICKY. They MUST PAY.

So we have the press on the brink of a logical jumping off point and they're bailing it would seem. I sincerely hope I am wrong but there has been little in the way of news for about two weeks now, and by my estimation, there is only two important stories left as far as the press in concerned, and they don't happen until this fall. Merrianne Jessop going free. FLFS men going to jail. From the presses concern, this is a fair deal. Kids back with mama, and dirty men in jail. Everyone's happy, right? FLDS haters get frog walking geezers going to lock-up to be sodomized, FLDS sympathizers see mama with the kids.

I'm going on record as saying unless EVERYONE goes home, men included, I don't count it as a victory. From here on out though, I don't think there is going to be a lot of help from the press.

And I really, really hope I'm wrong about that.

Next, what I humbly see and guess is next for the FLDS.

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