Friday, June 06, 2008

A couple of Lead in Stories to Rozita's Court Appearance today.

The Denver Post has an article prepping us for Rozita's misdemeanor court appearance today in Colorado Springs. Then there is the standard publicity flier extract from Westview Publishing on Rozita, regurgitated without examination (unfortunately) from one of our favorite sources, the Deseret News. We are forced to hear again from a Southern White Woman what a great fried chicken cook Ms. Swinton is;

"Among her many talents, Rozita is a superb cook," she wrote. "Her fried chicken is, as they say, to die for."

Oh why don't you just tell us she loves watermelon for dessert and be done with it. These books are not about Rozita, but they feature Rozita and her publisher foster mother is trying to make sure she's around to make all the money that can be make after this is all over.

"Swinton, Rosemary wrote, was 'to say the least, unpredictable.'

'With black hair and beautiful deep brown eyes and skin, she eventually went west to Utah and got a job she loved, as a nanny,' she wrote.

In the book 'Raising Shane,' Rosemary described Swinton as 'one of the most interesting people you can imagine.'"

Dang, I know I'd be interested to know that an "unpredictable" woman who was abused in childhood and had multiple personality disorder was about to be my nanny. Doesn't Kate/Mary Catharine Nelson have even the SLIGHTEST sense of warning the rest of the world what they're about to get into? Folks, I am NOT insensitive to the plight of the mentally ill having spent several years involved in advocacy for persons with mental illness but it's relevant that a person with an abusive past and "multiple personality disorder" is going off to be a "nanny."

"Rosemary's book publisher declined to make her available for interviews without approval from Swinton's criminal defense attorney. Attempts to reach Swinton herself for comment have been unsuccessful."

Yeah, that would be because "Rosemary's book publisher" IS "KATE ROSEMARY."

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