Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another Three Month Anniversary

Within two weeks of raiding the FLDS ranch in Eldorado, Texas was also conducting another raid, one that they hoped would go more quietly. They've had almost 90 days to evaluate the evidence taken in that raid as well. They were in Rozita Swinton's apartment. They took a statement, they collected evidence, and they pretended not to know anything.

CNN - April 23rd, 2008 - "Although Texas officials said they have not found the woman who made the calls, they said they have found evidence that girls as young at 13 are forced into marriages with older men at the ranch."

We now know the opposite is true. Texas did in fact find the woman that made the calls, that's why they were there. They have not found any 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 year old girls forced into marriages with older men at the ranch.

In fact Texas is truth challenged when it comes to the YFZ raid, having spread numerous false stories about the FLDS that have one by one, been proven to be untrue. So when they open their mouths to say SOMETHING, we no longer believe it. What we should be looking at now, is what they will say NOTHING about.

Distraction is an art used in politics and lying and in magic acts. The whole point of distraction is to do something right under your nose that you will not notice because, you're distracted. Bump a mark, lift their wallet. Point to the American Eagle, and palm a coin which you later "take" from someone's ear. Texas has been as leaky as the Titanic when it comes to rumors about the FLDS, so what have they been doing with that valuable distraction?

Human nature should tell us that the thing Texas does NOT talk about is the thing they wish to conceal. That would be Roztia Swinton. Just as they have had a lot to say about crimes that did not occur with evidence they have collected from every nook and cranny of the YFZ ranch, they have had nothing to say about evidence they've had almost equally as long regarding Rozita.

By now, don't you think they would have said SOMETHING about her publically? Never mind the fact that it's probably ill advised to do so, if there was no pattern of deception in the YFZ story, just a bunch of over enthusiastic CPS workers and Texas Rangers thinking they'd found the Holy Grail of abuse, wouldn't there have been leakage from them about Rozita?

There has in fact been complete SILENCE. This proves Texas can keep a secret when it wants to so since we have no statements, we have by their behavior, proof of a secret. We also have proof they want it to be secret. To review. Texas has engaged in a rumor mongering free for all when it comes to allegations about the FLDS at YFZ. They have been more silent than Garbo when it comes to Rozita.

For us the questions center around what Rozita's involvement was with FLDS haters like Flora Jessop. What were Flora's connections with Texas and so on. How much commerce was there between all those parties (and others) leading up to the raid. If there had been any investigation of Rozita and her possible connections, we'd have heard about it now.

I suggest that when you combine our interest, as the public, with the total silence of Texas, there is proof that at least Texas is afraid. They are afraid if they turn over a certain rock or two, they know what they will find. That, or they already know because they've already looked.

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Xorphshire said...

Absolutely. They're going to leave every stone down that might accidentally bring to light things that will make them look more foolish.

Since the first time I heard about Rozita, I haven't been able to get rid of the idea that she was somehow coached into this. It seems like you're the only person investigating and following this.

As for Texas' strategy. It's as though they're just trying to stay on the offensive. They can't let up no matter how stupid they're case gets. The minute they stop pushing,it's all going to crash back on them. So they keep on pushing, which is in reality gambling because the harder and further they push, the more devastating it will be when it recoils.

Hugh said...

The theme of the older best selling novel by Leon Uris "QBVII" is about the mindless pursuit of a WW2 Nazi Concentration camp "criminal" that no evidence suggests is in fact a criminal. A man expends his fortune in the nearly vain effort to "Get" that Doctor.

In the end it turns out that there was some crime he was connected with, but it wasn't the one they were investigating. This is the hope of Texas at this point, that they will find something.

Another would be the "Les Misérables" in which inspector Javert pursues a man for stealing for his entire life. The inspector is thus destroyed.

Of course, I am sure Rozita would like to see me as Javert.

Unlike Javert, I do not seek Rozita's destruction, only to know if there is any secret concealed that nearly led to the destruction of many innocent men women and children at YFZ.

Knowing that there was a connection, if any, between Rozita and FLDS enemies might result in them gaining damages later.