Friday, July 25, 2008

Diversionary Amusements

There is a thread at a forum I have been thrown out of. It's called Hugh was Banned! I was banned from the "Fighting Fundamentalist Forums" in January of this year. It's almost August. The discussion is still going on though I am long dead and in the grave as far as membership at the forum is concerned.

They've even started a NEW thread to talk about it, "Polygamists try to recruit on the FFF." My name figures prominently in that thread as well. As I recall there were two or three more threads about my forced disappearance from FFF in January and the initial discussion in all those threads lasted about 2 weeks to a month or so. Perhaps more.

If you reorder the rank of the threads in the "Fighting Forum" to account for number of VIEWS, the "Hugh was Banned!" thread is now near the top of the second page of threads, and at the moment ranks slightly below a thread on cigar smoking. Very shortly it will reach the level of popularity owned by a thread on women wearing pants. Of course they talk real big about how they've "shown me" something, but they've done the equivalent of a cyber murder and can talk about me with impunity, or so they think. This little blog of mine, shines almost as well as theirs, from time to time, in internet rankings. There are days when it's more popular.

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