Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Plot Thickens, Barbara Walther summoned to Eldorado Grand Jury

Speculation at this point would be wild. I'd hit the mark only by chance. News will probably move faster than my speculations at this point. The Salt Lake Tribune.

"Grand jury proceedings have resumed this afternoon in Schleicher County Courthouse, and tension has grown as controversial 51st District Judge Barbara Walther has arrived, apparently summoned to the hearing for reasons yet unknown."

Putting Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and her in the same room. Something tells me all is not well with the CPS plan, but nothing can really be determined at this point, other than the story isn't going the way Texas wants it too. The day is yet young.

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kbp said...

Since it was walthers that excused Malonis from testifying last month at the GJ, I'd assume she is the presiding judge there who is available when needed.

It would look silly if she was in charge last time and is a witness this time.

georgewiley said...

If there are indictments out of this grand jury, Judge Walther is OUT as presiding judge at any trial of the defendants. She is a grand jury witness and probably, almost certainly, cannot not preside.

Do you think some of those grand jurors are really pissed at what a mess the local people made of things?

Has Gregg Abbott read the tea leafs and determined that most voters in Texas are also pissed? Is he going for the main chance here, to stick it to the really bad guys as well as the FLDS people?

Stay tuned!!

Doran Williams

Hugh said...

Well George, there were indictments, so we'll see. Somehow the through the looking glass world of Texas avoids certain kinds of rules.