Monday, July 07, 2008

Swinton Ship Sailing Silently Away?

The last time Rozita was in court, I got a round of contacts from the media. THIS time after the fourth of July weekend I finding a pattern of vacations of the reporters involved, and reassignments. I'm doing the contacting, not the other way around. In some cases the story is going to the "beat" reporter for that venue. A decided downturn from the level of interest before.

You normally do cover routine misdemeanor infractions with a beat reporter who notes things out of the ordinary and for the most part does the job of routine reporting without much flair. It's a job that needs to be done, I'm sure the folks doing it are talented and dedicated as well. It's not shaping up to be the big story, which is of course, the ideal time to jam her through the court system and turn her loose with a slap on the wrist.

My point is that the bigger "name" reporters don't seem to be planning to show up for this round. I wouldn't be altogether surprised if there was someone with a notepad from the local paper and that turned out to be it.

Between court appearances no one has tried to connect the dots between Rozita and Flora and Texas and a variety of common points or possible common points have been suggested in this blog, and in others. Is she connected with the Southern Poverty Law Center for instance? There are numerous sympatico types in her immediate assocations that appear on SPLC venues and sympathetic venues with one another. It's probably a coincidence, but probably isn't good enough. The association should nailed down as unimportant or branded as important.

Similarly the thin connection of Barbara Walthers church being the self same radically liberal denomination as that of Rozita's foster mother hasn't been checked. Probably there is nothing there as well, but to know, it would have to be checked. I'm sure there are other common points, all these persons share philosophical/religious views.

As time goes by, the opportunity to inspect phone records, plumb the limits of recall and other resources, fade. There will come a time when a truth that could have been known can no longer be discovered or known, because time goes by. If I were the FLDS I'd have several lawyers present during her court appearance, but that's me.

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Anonymous said...

I hope there is still a number of us who are watching and waiting for truth to come out, and who will NOT let this quietly sail away.

Hugh said...

I'm afraid it is. Anyone who reads this blog years from now will unfortunately think I'm a whack job conspiracy theorist. Frankly I'd rather have it proved that she was just obsessed and I be made to look whacky that way, than to just let it dribble off into the sunset without examination.