Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Suggestion for the unknown FLDS "fugitive five."

I suggest every FLDS man who has EVER been at YFZ or in Texas immediately call Sheriff Doran and ask if they are being sought, and if possible, present themselves physically to Sheriff Doran and surrender.

If you're not being sought, your surrender will not be accepted boys.

Personally I'd stay as far away from Texas as possible but make your defacto leader Willie Jessop look good. Turn yourselves in. When you're done calling or dropping by, notify the Modern Pharisee that you have done so and I'll keep a list. Tell me what they told you.

Of course, you don't have to pick the Modern Pharisee. I'm sure our ace reporters at "The Truth Will Prevail" will be more than happy to publish the list of fugitive/non fugitive FLDS men.

Just call Sheriff Doran, identify yourselves, ask if it is YOU they seek. Sheriff David Doran's number is 325-853-2737. If you can't get through, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's number is 512-463-2100.

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Anonymous said...

Updated my post on the subject:

In the Standard Times article at,
there is this paragraph:

The men are believed to have retained attorneys, Wilson said, and officials will first attempt to contact them through their counsel.
Sounds reasonable.

Hugh said...

That's interesting. It means Willie is either posturing or out of touch on the issue.

Hugh said...
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Hugh said...

Or, Texas may have taken Willie up on the offer....

kbp said...

My first thought was urrender to anybody except Doran, the azzhat.

My second thought was lights, camera, action...

Doran sticks his foot in his mouth every time he's near a reporter.

bleu said...

Maybe they'll do it the way they "arrested" their Prophet...publish the arrest warrent in the newspaper and put them on the FBI's most wanted list.