Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's quiet.....TOO quiet

Lest anyone think there's nothing going on, Brooke Adams blogs on what IS;

CPS in Texas is asking questions of the families, you can be sure they're trying to make the answers fit a prosecution template and a custody template. Check out the "Plural Life" and give her your thoughts.

"They are asking, of course, about specific allegations in each case -- broken bones, for instance.

They also are going through this uniform list of questions:

1. Who is currently living in your house? (names and ages)

2. Who lived in your building/house at the ranch? (names and ages)

3. How do you discipline your children?

4. How old to you think a child needs to be care for a younger child? Do other children in the family have responsibility for potty training or discipline?

5. What adjustment issues have you experienced since your children have been home? Have there been any specific behavior problems that have been difficult to deal with? How have you dealt with these?

6. What is your position on underage marriage? Do you think it is appropriate?"

What's number FOUR all about? There is a section in Texas law that I have said virtually makes changing a diaper sexual abuse.

UPDATE - ANOTHER THOUGHT: Are they trying to imply that the mothers can't keep up with the kids? Does this suggest an ideal number of children and an ideal spacing of children? That's a weird area. Are they trying to document the "Training of young girls to be mothers?"

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Anonymous said...

#5. Little 3 year old Robbie is having an adjustment problem, I must admit. He walks around all the time looking for my rocking chair that was at our home on the ranch, but it isn't in our new apartment that we had to get in Austin so we could get our kids back. He keeps saying he wants to be rocked. But I don't have my rocking chair. So I just follow him around with a notepad, and look at him blankly while he cries. I'm only following the fine parenting example that you CPS people set for me when we were at the Coliseum. Isn't that the right way to do it?