Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ex Husbands and Babysitters both Allege Natalie Malonis involved in Extensive Drug use, Child Abuse and Mentally Ill.

Wow Natalie, with a past like that, I'd have let Teresa have her own attorney. Didn't you know this would come out? Check out "The Truth Will Prevail" (for indeed it does). Hat Tip to Bill Medvecky of Free the FLDS Children. A salacious, and TRUE excerpt;

"I met Natalie while she was divorcing her first husband John Malonis. I went to Natalie’s home and it was not kept well. There was spoiled food in the refrigerator. I noticed baby diapers in the toilet. The entire house was a mess. Natalie uses the illegal substance known as speed. I knew she used it before our marriage and she told me she would stop. I told her I could not stand for illegal drug use and would not marry her if she was using drugs. When we were living in a small apartment in May of 1999 [four months before their marriage] I found drugs and drug paraphernalia in our home. I found small baggies containing the speed, straws, a mirror, metal foil all of which I know are used for drug use. I questioned Natalie about it and she admitted to me that she was using again."

Oh no, there's more, lot's more. The problem is, it's true. In answer to the question of whether or not Ms. Malonis is simply self destructive, I think we have an answer. The remaining questions center around why Texas would use such a dangerous and unbalanced attorney and force anyone to keep her as a representative. If Barbara Walther cared for the client AT ALL, she surely ought to have known the background and reputation of the attorney assigned to her. I'm guessing all of this was presented to her, but no, Teresa had to stay with this unbalanced moral reprobate who is inexplicably, still an attorney and who apparently represents the best of what Texas has to offer as Attorney ad litem.

NOW do we know why the CASA report needs to be sealed so urgently by Ms. Malonis? Is there some allusion to this in Teresa's attempts to dislodge Natalie as her attorney? Hat tip to Kurt and "I Perceive" for pointing out the article that tells us Teresa Jeffs turns 17. Saturday.

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