Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teresa Jeffs conspicuously absent from Grand Jury proceedings.

In keeping with my previous speculation that Teresa Jeffs might well be a smokescreen, Teresa seems to be the witness that was "dismissed" earlier from testifying. This was also speculated by your Modern Pharisee. We'll wait for proof on that but she does not appear on the witness list in the Houston Chronicle, nor are there mentions of her in any other paper or news report I have read. (That's Teresa airborne, over the trampoline.)

So, what was all that nonsense about her diary? Was she being punished for being uncooperative? I suspect so. Child abuse indeed. Annette Jeffs, her mother, was called to testify. The first substantive signal that Teresa was not going to appear, was the fact that Willie Jessop was subpoenaed.

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