Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why is only Merrill Leroy Jessop charged with Bigamy?

Of the FLDS Five, only one man is charge with Bigamy. Merrill Leroy Jessop. Why Merrill Leroy Jessop? Raymond Merrill Jessop is charged with the same crime as Merrill Leroy, "Sexually Assaulting a child" but not with Bigamy.

I can only surmise that when the Grand Jury meets again, they will probably charge all but the Doctor with Bigamy as well. Either that, or they only feel confident of the charges against Merrill Leroy at this time. Texas will not charge any of these men with simple Bigamy. To file charges against them for "Sexually Assaulting a child" and "Bigamy" and then to learn no Sexual Assault occurred would leave them in the ugly position of prosecuting simple Bigamy, or dropping the charge.

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