Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hey Pro FLDS Bloggers and FLDS Supportive Bloggers, YOU'RE BEING INVESTIGATED.

Just warning you. I see little tremors of it on the list of visitors to my site. I also see it here.

"It is the same Medvecky if it was Albany, New York. He is 64.

I do believe there are other charges too, involving a weapon.

Medvecky stated he lost a son to CPS and has not seen him since.

This would explain volumes why he hates CPS and law enforcement.

Do you know the story behind all the charges that sent him to prison?"

That came from Texas Blues Man's blog, Coram Non Judice. Then Blues took his own little shot right here at me.

"You are a shill for the FLDS, and have been since before Warren Jeffs was arrested. How many boards have you been kicked off of?

Your statements have no value, and your comments that you 'haven't met a Bible believer' unless they believe exactly as you do give an indication of the same old tired rhetoric of the witch-burners in Salem or the Catholics in the Catheri genocide of the 1300s.

You admit in other boards that you have been a bigamist - why should we listen to you know?

In other words, you believe as the child abusers do, and will say anything to defend them."

What a boring dogmatic moron. But he's a boring dogmatic moron with a twist, he's in law enforcement.

Here's some information for you Blues. Yes, I have been a Polygynist, but never a Bigamist. I intend to do so again if the opportunity presents itself. It will probably be a May-December relationship, but within the limits set by the law.

Yes I've been kicked off boards. I thank them, my own blog is more popular than a lot of those boards combined.

I have no idea why my motivations taint the facts. Motivations are only important when examining the actions and statements of LIARS, like TEXAS and ROZITA SWINTON. You maybe?

If you do intend to investigate me, give me a call. I'll supply you with all you need to dig for dirt. You might want to try the records of my divorce in the Cascade County Courthouse in Great Falls Montana. You could check in Winter Park Florida in and around 1985. It involves broken bones. Dig all you want. I'll help. I'll get you the shovel and mark the places to dig. I'm 54. I have a past. It can even be made to LOOK really really bad. Be careful about mentioning any names other than my own though Blues. I'm the only public figure in my story.

Oh, and by the way, prior to the Texas Raid I was on record as decidedly ANTI FLDS. I've said some pretty NASTY things about them in the past. You want directions for those too? Here's one of the milder ones.

"Warren was found guilty of accomplice to Rape. Now, with the qualifier that I find Warren Jeffs abhorrent and his religion a religion of the devil, some of the aspects of his case are quite interesting."

September 29th, 2007. Real PRO FLDS.

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Anonymous said...

Old news. I figure we've been tracked by someone somewhere since we started!

Hugh said...

Yeah, but I want a name as sexy as "King Willie, the Thug."

Pliggy said...