Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Forecasting the FLDS Five's conviction chances.

Warren Jeffs various cases should be instructive. The San Angelo Standard-Times;

"Four of (the charges against Warren Jeffs) were dropped at the request of the defense because Arizona's incest law doesn't apply to Jeffs' cases. Two of them were dropped at the request of the prosecution because the alleged victim refused to testify."

Warren's case seems to be going BACK to the Grand Jury. Will we run into similar outcomes in Texas? These are the FLDS faithful. Unless something stunning happens, like Natalie Malonis turns out to be NOT blowing smoke about Teresa Jeffs, who's going to testify in support of these charges? DNA evidence alone is not going to be enough. It may even be disallowed.

Texas has taken steps that say already they don't have confidence in some of the charges, such as getting NEW DNA samples (but probably relying on old ones) and only charging one suspect with Bigamy. Seriously, Raymond Jessop, hand picked husband of Teresa Jeffs, the daughter of leader Warren Jeffs and the granddaughter of yet another FLDS prophet, is married to ONE WOMAN and in his thirties? Give me a break. They aren't charging him with Bigamy because they don't think they will convict him of Sexual Assault. Apply the same sorts of reasoning to the others in the FLDS Five.

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ztgstmv said...

Well, Texans have a way with coercing women to testify. As we've learned at the last GJ, when LeAnn Jeffs and Sarah Draper were forced to testify on threat of facing contempt charges and losing their kids.
It could be that prosecutors in Arizona are a tad more compassionate? Or is it that the heat/pressure isn't on them to deliver like it is in Texas?

Hugh said...

Texas it would seem, had done it's homework on how to "Get" the FLDS. It's distressing that tools are being used for reasons other than their design.

TxBluesMan said...

If they don't want to face the heat, stay out of the bigamous kitchen. In other words, if you don't want to be put in the position of testifying or being jailed for contempt, don't be a bigamist in Texas...

Utah and Arizona, had they handled this appropriately over the years, wouldn't need Texas to fix their mess.

It's not a problem, we still have prison space available.