Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rozita goes to trial, October 20th

I am told she plead "not guilty" to a class three misdemeanor. The lowest possible kind of crime.

The Colorado Springs Gazette - "Rozita Swinton, a Colorado Springs woman suspected of a hoax phone call that triggered the raid of a polygamist sect in Texas, appeared in court early Wednesday on charges of making false reports to Colorado Springs police in a separate incident. She is set to go to trial on Oct. 20 over those charges. She does not face criminal charges in Texas."

She did not talk to anyone in the press. This was accomplished by rescheduling her hearing to 8:30am, instead of 9:30am, without notice.

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1 comment:

yrpappa said...

Thats aweful!!

So what she is not part of a cult and her only victems were cult she gets off ...?

What happened to "Don't Mess with Texas"...?

I thought Texas was looking for someone to foot the bill, or at least take the blame...they should nail her to the wall...

Rosita messed with Texas and they turned tail and fled like yellow belly least so far...