Saturday, July 12, 2008

I think I'll have chicken tonight

Be brave, and go to KFC. Scenery may vary in your area. I suggest you go to one near a college campus. The Colorado Springs Gazette.

"Linda Powell is no spring chicken.

Which is why, outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken at South Nevada Avenue and Brookside Street on Friday, the 61-year-old Colorado Springs resident left the near nudity - women wearing panties and pasties behind a banner - to her younger PETA protester counterparts.

The protest, which has been held nationwide, was one of several scheduled in Colorado this week and in the coming days.

The idea, which rubbernecking commuters on Nevada Avenue showed works, is to bring the animal-rights organization's beef with KFC to the streets."

You must do this, for the chicken.

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Rick Beckman said...

My policy regarding advertising is that if you have to resort to sex or near-nudity to sell, your product must not be worth it.

I bet that same idea applies to the animal-rights nuts.

Hugh said...

My thought is, this is a perfect reason for white folks to keep their clothes on. The GLARE....

And the one on the right is a good case for below the knee skirts.

It's too much information, but it has inspired me to go to KFC again. My own form of protest. I feel like chicken tonight...