Monday, July 28, 2008

Fugitive Five do what's right

In light of the fact that I think the state of Texas is in the wrong, the FLDS Fugitive Five did what was right, they turned themselves in.

The Salt Lake Tribune had been reporting that they could not be found. Since they've turned themselves in, it's now time to know who they are. The Dallas Morning News.

"Three of the men — Merril “Leroy” Jessop, 33; Raymond Jessop, 36; and Allan Keate, 56 — face charges of sexual assault of a child and are purported to be “spiritual husbands” of young women who testified before the Schleicher County grand jury last week. A fourth man, Michael Emack, 57, also faces charges of sexual assault of a child. The fifth man, Dr. Lloyd Barlow, 38, faces three misdemeanor counts of failing to report child abuse. He’s purported to be the chief physician at the sect's compound outside Eldorado and is thought to have had information about young mothers there."

I guessed two of them, I should have guessed the Dr. Are we now going to start charging abortion clinic Doctors? Those that supply unwed teens with BIRTH CONTROL DEVICES?

"Leroy Jessop is also charged with bigamy."

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cheese said...

Hugh, your last question of the post got me thinking. It seems that a lot of the friction between us and them is the fact that we are not like them. The family and building the family is what our religion is centered around. In other words our religion is centered around life and the creation of life, the continuation of the "work of the Father". The state mandated religion is based on death or the limitation of the family. Where if a woman wants to spend time in the home teaching and loving her children she is scorned and looked down upon by society as some kind of "brainwashed ninny". While all the while there are "educated" and "more sophisticated" women murdering there offspring because they were just to "inconvenient"! I think that the real difference is a conflict between a religion that is "unto life" and a religion that is "unto death".

Hugh said...

Cheese, as you know I am not LDS/FLDS/Mormon. I think the religion is tragically wrong. Nevertheless I don't know how it is that without Genocide, state and federal governments plan to deal with the FLDS. They have a right to believe what they believe.

I have become increasingly distressed with the realities of what various state governments have done to criminalize sexual relations of specific sorts. Though I disagree with the FLDS about the meaning of our lives here on earth, I find Polygyny wholly legitimate.

I find the direction of society to be towards making sure that children experiment sexually with one another and spoil themselves. What I see among the FLDS is far more wholesome.

The idea that in Texas a girl can give her consent at age 17 to have sex, but cannot give her consent to marry until 18 seems demonic to me. There are several other states with similar disparities between age of consent and age to wed.

Disciple said...

Hugh, did you maybe miss agreeing with cheese because you can't see beyond the label "Mormon"?

I think cheese is on target about the fundamental schism between modern Western culture and those who want to follow God, and following God really boils down to "the family and building the family".

Or what do you consider to be our purpose here?

Cheese, yes, it is a battle between a religion that is "unto life" and one that is "unto death".

"Unto life" is the family and building the family, raising children to fear and obey God, that they, too, will raise children to fear and obey God, ultimately taking dominion over the earth in the name and for the sake of God; thereby establishing the Kingdom of God.

"Unto death" is non-family (i.e. the individual or that collection of individuals calling itself the "State") and the destruction of the family so that there will be no children raised to fear and obey God. How plainly Satan is to be seen as the author of this religion of death.

Hugh said...

Disciple, the family values exhibited by the FLDS are probably better than that of the average person of the reformed vein of Christianity. I applaud them.

I am entirely supportive of Polygyny and the FLDS practice it. I am constantly impressed by their morality as opposed to ours out here in the rest of the world, that "rest of the world" includes reformed Christian denominations.

I must stress periodically that I am not Mormon or LDS or FLDS however and that the core beliefs of those religions are not mine. Christianity is not Family centric, it is Christ centric. That produces side benefits that do help the family, but reformed denominations haven't know what a real family looks like for over a thousand years.

Disciple said...

You're right, Hugh, it has been a long time since we've seen anyone who knows what a real family is like.

I need to vent a little: This morning it is really bad. I'm trying to raise my children for the Lord, and it seems to me that I am fighting all alone - fighting against the culture, fighting againt the children and doing it all alone.

I found comics that my daughters had. Comics glorifying witches. I take them away - I'm a bad guy. But at the same time I'm told that there are some really good clothes down at such and such's. What I'm supposed to do is deliver the cash and go someplace else with my ideas about God and the Bible.

There is more; I don't want to go into all the details.

What I am basically saying is that one needs a supporting culture to raise a family for the Lord. If that isn't there ... well, I am constantly reminded of Lot's family ...

Now let me go get my daughters off to school so the state can continue its indoctrination and their peers can continue to mislead them ...

God have mercy on us.

Disciple said...

One more thing I need to add:

I say: God bless the people at YFZ. They're doing it right.

Why can't the rest of us?