Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Who reads what sites on the FLDS Issue? Where's the interest?

When it comes to WHERE people go outside the mainstream media to get their information about the FLDS Fiasco, where do people go? These are United States Alexa rankings for some blogs and some websites. I hardly pretend to make it all inclusive but I've included the three ANTI FLDS sites that I know of, that should be considered prominent.

"Free the FLDS Children" - United States - 31,339
"FLDS View" - United States - 79,512
"I Perceive" - United States - 121,156
"Texas Polygamy" - 145,851
"The Common Room" - 153,680
"The Modern Pharisee" - United States - 199,050
"The Hope Organization" (Child Brides) - United States - 261,641
"The Tapestry Against Polygamy" - United States - (ranking too low to quantify)

The top three are all WRITTEN by members of the LDS church, the FLDS church or include FLDS in their name. I didn't include blogs like "Grits For Breakfast" which has covered the FLDS controversy from day one, but is also not primarily about the raid and it's fallout. I did include "I Perceive" who seems to have gotten a lot of gravitational assist from the issue. Kurt has written some great articles over the last several weeks and is getting information people don't even HINT at to me. My blog in fairness is not about the FLDS either, but it has primarily been about that since mid April and will be for at least a little while longer.

Recently a blog mentioned a petition, I believe it was the Brooke Adams, where ANTI Polygamy/FLDS persons were trying to get support and it pretty much got signed by the people who came up with the petition. The PRO FLDS petetition, not necessarily the PRO POLYGAMY petetition was getting an overwhelmingly larger response.

What does this say about public view and opinion of the issue? It would seem to suggest that there is more sympathy for the rights of the FLDS than the concern about stopping their rumored child abuse. That's all it is now, a rumor started by people who HATE the FLDS.

The only ANTI site that draws a bigger crowd than mine on the subject, is "Texas Polygamy," which makes a show of being neutral, but is in fact an ANTI FLDS site. Based on the above rankings, Bill at Save the FLDS Children and Kurt at I Perceive should have their own Discovery channel documentary made about their interests, just as Flora Jessops did. It would probably pull more in the way of rankings. I'd like to be on too, but Texas Polygamy outranks me. It should be noted however that I've only been blogging in earnest since April and I don't have the sexy name that Bill chose.

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