Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Attorneys General are NOT interested in Justice

I have heard, and not followed closely the rumors and reports of yet another abuse call, probably from Rozita, in Hildale Utah. There seems to have been another one for Colorado City as well. We doubtless have no idea how extensive Rozita's "alleged" calling activity was. Just listen to the slick dodging, and the bottom line is "we're not going to do anything about it." After all, when someone is attacking your enemy or the person you want beat up on, you just stand by and say "oh my." Right?

This also seems to have been a case of venue shopping or whose turn it's going to be in the barrel. Texas got elected to do the dirty work. The aim was clearly at every available target. The evidence mounts for conspiracy since obviously the Attorneys Four who meet regularly communicate about everything else, and even did not see a justification for going in guns drawn, but Texas did. You mean UTAH knows it's a fake? ARIZONA knows it's a fake? TEXAS somehow does NOT? Texas clearly contained the target of opportunity, the test bed for the "one house" theory and the heaviest close concentration of FLDS. Utah demurs, Arizona demurs, Texas goes in.

The Deseret News - "The Utah Attorney General's Office has declined to investigate an apparent hoax call that sounded similar to the phone call that sparked the raid on the Fundamentalist LDS Church's YFZ Ranch.

'We referred it back for local law enforcement to look at,' said Ken Wallentine, the Utah Attorney General's chief of law enforcement.

The Division of Child and Family Services received a phone call in April that alleged abuse in the FLDS border town of Hildale. DCFS has declined to release specific details about the call, but said it alleged child abuse and neglect and 'may be related to an ongoing criminal matter,' referring to the hoax call investigation in Texas."

To ask the question "is there no justice" insults my intelligence and yours. There is no justice, there is only politics. Politics unrestrained by justice soon reverts to open warfare. Politics after all, is warfare restrained.

Let's listen to the rest of the horse manure.

"'There seems to be some contextual similarity,' Wallentine said, noting it would be more appropriate for a local law enforcement agency to investigate."

What is this, a college lecture? "Contextual Similarity?"

"A spokeswoman for DCFS said Tuesday that local law enforcement did review the case, but nothing came of it. The call also lacked specific information about a victim and an address of the alleged abuse. 'We didn't have enough information to pursue a case," said Liz Sollis with the Utah Department of Human Services."

So here we have the professional evaluation of the kind of evidence Texas had. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

"Arizona child welfare authorities investigated a similar call and also took no action."

Arizona's opinion? Also too thin. This now SCREAMS the question "why did Texas think it was good enough?

In fairness to both states there was no crime committed against the FLDS in Arizona and Utah, only in Texas. But they coordinate on everything else, why aren't the coordinating and cooperating in finding out what's up with Rozita. As usual, the answer is always that they don't want us to know, what she knows. That is why she is not prosecuted, and why she is being skillfully kept away from the gullible press.

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Rulon said...

Good article, except at the end where you said Utah and Arizona have committed no crime against FLDS. Excuse me? Have you not read of the 1953 raid of Arizona? What about the Vera Black case in Utah? What about convicting and incarcerating Warren Jeffs who has committed no crime, and has languished in prison for nearly 2 years now? They convicted him for accomplice to a crime that was never committed. Utah and Arizona and the LDS church are at the head of the crime committed in Texas.

Hugh said...

False reporting amounts to no crime against those at whom that reporting is directed, if that false reporting leads to no action. I refer to the false reports made against the FLDS in both Arizona and Utah.

There is a crime that Utah and Arizona should follow up on, but they will not, as we see here.

Pliggy said...

I wrote about this two months ago.