Thursday, July 24, 2008

Senate Hearing calls for "Strike Force"

Argh. We need to restrict the free movement of US Citizens in this country who go to places where no one is, so that they can self govern. Of course these comments are being spun in a very negative way, but the PILGRIMS came to this country to "self govern" which is code worded now as "taking over the local area." Sheesh. Why aren't they concerned when illegal aliens come in and do that? The FLDS are legal U.S. citizens. They have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to move ANYWHERE in the country land is being sold and take up residence and TAKE OVER THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT. You do too. It's called the democratic process, it is the ABSOLUTE RIGHT of EVERY U.S. CITIZEN. To DENY another U.S. Citizen the right to buy your land when you offer it for sale is even against the law. The San Angelo Standard-Times.

"(Greg Abbott) said that he thinks the FLDS picked Schleicher County because it was isolated and sparsely populated. The sect could go about its business unmolested and could follow a previous pattern of taking over local government and authorities by outnumbering others. In the 2006 General Election, 698 voters turned out in Schleicher County, he said.

It was unclear how many people have been living at the ranch, but more than 400 children were taken from the compound by the state during an April raid. Texas officials at the hearing estimated the county's total population to be 2,000 to 3,000.

'Their population is large enough that if they all registered to vote and did vote,' they would have enough FLDS members to assert local control, Abbott said. 'The game plan for FLDS is to locate a geographical area that is so sparsely populated that they will be able to live in seclusion' and take over the local area."


"(Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard) supports a strike force or task force that will help overcome jurisdictional barriers."

Right. Let's phrase that as a task force to watch black people specifically and see what crimes they commit. That would be the KKK wouldn't it? Storm Front with the special twist of being SUPPORTED by the Federal Government?

Abbott also said this;

"Girls were sexually assaulted by men in the state of Texas," Abbott said. "We intend to prosecute it."

How could he POSSIBLY know that? Most people, even libertines "do it" behind closed doors.

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georgewiley said...

Hugh, this is pertinent to the discussion you were having with tx about any crimes Ms. M. may have committed. It is off-topic here, but I would rather ding your site meter than his.

According to the documents quoted from at "I Perceive," Ms. M. was giving some really high-powered drugs to her kids. Those acts arguably are violations of P.C. 22.041, endangerment of a child, and are felonies. The limitations period on 22.041 is five years from the date of the commission of the offense. If those kids were under the age of 14 and were injured physically or mentally by the drugs, there is a 10 year statute of limitations.

The only caveat I need to give you is that my copy of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure is dated 2006, so there may have been some changes to these limitations periods.

georgewiley said...

Why did Abbott hedge his statement about rape? Why did he not just say plainly that girls were raped at the YFZ Ranch?