Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mobile and Modern, the Pharisee is Moving

With great regret I am leaving my favorite place on earth. Montana. I'm moving to the eastern part of the country, a trip of 2600 miles. With the providence of God I could be packed with the first load tomorrow. I might be able to set out for my destination Monday.

This should make for hardly any blogging for maybe as long as week.

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georgewiley said...

What part of "the eastern part of the country"?

Hugh said...

A border state with Canada in the North East. I think out of respect for my new employer I'm not going to make it painfully obvious where I work.

georgewiley said...

I'm relieved. If you were going to move to any eastern state other than Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire or even northern New York State, it would not be a good move. Best of luck to you.

Hugh said...

I'd have a hard time seeing myself in New York.

Bruce in Montana said...

That's too bad, Hugh.
I moved to Montana almost 10 years ago...quit a 45K job in Texas for a $7 per hour job here.
Biggest regret....didn't do it many years earlier.
Best of luck out there.

georgewiley said...

Hugh, before you hit the road, I wanted to bring to your attention that tx, over at his worthless excuse for a blog, is now suggesting that the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court are parth of "the Polygamist Pedophile Support Group." The previous time he used this term (he took it down not long after using it) he included you. So, you are the company of the Highest courts in Texas.

I think tx is losing it.

Also, I have acquired and read the interview with Sheriff David Doran that Randy Mankin published in April. Apparently, his newspaper has removed the interview from their site. No wonder: there are parts of the interview that are toxic to the State's case.

Anonymous said...

Good news as far as employment goes, but bittersweet, I know.

Hoping you have a safe and uneventful moving experience.