Sunday, July 06, 2008

A word about Pharisee Phaves

It should go without saying that I don't agree with everyone all the time, after all, that's why I have a blog, isn't it? There is consanguinity between myself and some quite diverse groups and individuals on some subjects, as a result, I have a widely varied blog reading list, not all of whom I agree with constantly. I offer them as favorites, I leave it up to you to guess why.

For the most part it is our shared affinity for the acceptable nature of polygyny as marriage that is the common thread, if not that, our common aversion for state intervention in private relationships. As a result you will see political liberal, libertarians, conservatives, democrats and republicans on my blog list. There will be LDS blogs, FLDS blogs, Jewish blogs and all manner of diverse characters. Unless you hear me endorse a blog or a person without reservation, assume there are reservations, as I am sure they have regarding me.

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