Monday, July 14, 2008

Mary Catharine Nelson Update

The foster mother of Rozita Swinton, who was so concerned about the effect publicity would have on "the Children" has her website back up. Supposedly connecting her with her REAL name would be a danger to "the Children."

She took down her website and from what I can tell by the new edition, the major difference is the absence of Dr. Peggy Ann Way's name at the site. Of course I may stroll around it and find it somewhere else on the page.

Originally the ODD site "" had Dr. Peggy Ann Way listed as the site owner. She wasn't of course, and then the site was upgraded to the slightly more truthful disclosure that it was owned by "Kate Rosemary." I haven't checked to see if Mary has fessed up to owning it herself. Kate Rosemary and Mary Catharine Nelson, are one in the same.

Just to refresh your memories. Mary Catharine Nelson/Kate Rosemary is the author of two books that mention Rozita by her first name. Mary took great care to hawk those books when Rozita was first discovered. Then she pulled a Garbo. Then it was discovered that not only did she author those books, but that she owns/manages Published by Westview, the Publishing company. She is also the "source close to" in the article about Rozita that appeared in "the Westview."

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