Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's the Big Secret?

According to this article, the men already know who they are;

The San Angelo Standard-Times - "The men are believed to have retained attorneys, (Texas Ranger Capt. L.C.) Wilson said, and officials will first attempt to contact them through their counsel."

The "aggressive effort" to capture them is going to consist of calling their attorneys on the phone, or dropping them a letter. I can see it now, a postal carrier delivers a certified return receipt requested letter, with extreme prejudice. Face it, this is drama and/or embarrassment or even a lack of confidence in the charges. They gave away immunity and brow beat 4 women to gain a bit of a show for Harry Reid leading into his Senate Hearings. One man is only charged with misdemeanors.

Since apparently all these charges stem from Texas Rangers having the Super Power of X-Ray Vision while on the ranch, seeing "Terabytes" of incriminating documents, they may not be seeking to arrest these men so aggressively after all. Who wants a judge telling you that you're a liar, you don't have X-Ray Vision, and besides your warrant was based on seeing "criminally impregnanated in Texas underage girls" anyway. A feat accomplished by powers of telepathy, not X-Ray Vision.

Shouldn't they have employed that Telepathy to realize the calls were bogus in the first place? Most of these men should be permanent witnesses in Texas Criminal cases, where their powers are best put to use.

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