Thursday, July 17, 2008

You think everyone KNOWS about the FLDS Fiasco? Wizbang wakes up and smells Colorado

No, they're not all following the story out there, even the news hounds. What? Rozita Swinton? Who's She? Wizbang wakes up. That's a fairly big blogger to be coming so late to such basic knowledge. That's how quiet the media really is about this. This blogger didn't even know the call from "Sarah" was a fake.

"If not for Don Surber's blog post, I wouldn't have known that the FLDS travesty, was all the result of an adult pretending to be sixteen."

That's how little awareness there is about the whole mess. I'll bet he doesn't know about her tangled relationships either. After all, only a small fraction of the press is covering it.

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