Friday, July 11, 2008

Desperately Seeking Swinton

Today is the last "Business Day" before Rozita's next court appearance on Monday. So many of the press act like there's nothing there. How CAN there be NOTHING there when those that are handling her so DESPERATELY wish to keep you from knowing ANYTHING? Whisking her in and out of court early to avoid the press?

Come on.

OF COURSE THERE IS SOMETHING TO REPORT ON, otherwise no one would go through such trouble to KEEP YOU FROM SEEING HER.

I swear, if she gets in and out of court again on Monday without so much as a picture being taken, you're all a bunch of lazy slobs in the press.

Two Top Texas officials have resigned. The Governors mansion has burned, the largest child custody case in US History and the woman at the center of it all? No one has gotten even so much as a "no comment" from her ON THE RECORD and no one has a picture of her beyond mug shots or the ones SHE supplies to you. All the personal shots of Rozita are now said to be "Courtesy of Rozita Swinton."

Let's be real. You're being PLAYED.

It also occurs to me that you in the press are INSULTING the mentally ill. By constantly stating, as I have heard both verbally and in letters that she is "mentally ill" you say that she's STUPID. Yeah. Like a fox. So stupid that she compiled information on the FLDS and made convincing phone calls that initially had most believing that she WAS a member of YFZ. So stupid that she held down a job and concealed her activities from her roommate. So stupid that an essentially penniless renter has both acquired good legal help and avoided the press successfully. So stupid that YOU can't even get a PICTURE of her.

That earns another "Come ON!"

Mental illness is not equivalent to stupidity. It is not even equivalent to being illogical. Delusions are bad information. Mood swings are bad information. Multiple personalities are masks behind which to hide. If she shows you "stupid" that's because she wants to use your PITY. Somewhere in the person that is Rozita Swinton is a very cunning personality. SHE IS PLAYING YOU.

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