Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who is Becky Hoerth?

Earlier in the history of the raid, KRDO published THIS story. I'd read it, but my friend "Toes" at "Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart" brought it to my attention again.

"Becky Hoerth tells police that the allegations against Swinton don't surprise her, considering 'Rozita's delusions and disassociations.'

Hoerth goes on to tell police that she's sure Swinton is on medications, 'whether or not she's taking the medication, she's not sure.' Hoerth says she never saw Swinton call 'crisis hotlines' but says, 'Maybe this was going on while she was sleeping and she didn't know.' Hoerth says Swinton hated talking on the phone, and if she did, it was inly to speak briefly to her mother.

When asked if Swinton speaks with her father, Hoerth said she does, but when he tries to contact her, she often doesn't respond.

Swinton previously told Castle Rock Police that she was sexually molested by her father and even had a child with him. Police later determined that was a lie. She later pleaded guilty to making a false report and was given a year-long deferred sentence.

Hoerth moved in with Swinton earlier this month, and she says the first week Swinton didn't talk. 'Rozita was very much to herself and kept to herself.' It wasn't until April 9th that Rozita started to come around, she tells police, "They started actually doing dinner together and went mountain biking."

So is Becky a recent acquaintance? If so how does she know all this detailed stuff? Maybe she's not so recent an acquaintance and we've been ignoring a material part of the story.

In the 1998 Mantou Springs Mayors Cup, Becky, a distance runner, shows up here:

"63 9/9 BECKY HOERTH 25 0:46:31.1"

Rozita Swinton and Becky Hoerth have known each other for a while it would seem, both are members of
Pikes Peak Road Runners. They've known each other, for a while it would seem. Three years or more.

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