Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Details continue to trickle out, Texas is NOT so sure.

The Deseret News;

"A Bishop's Record seized by law enforcement and entered into court evidence in a San Angelo court said Allan Keate had a 17-year-old wife, and may have fathered an underage child with her. (Michael George) Emack, according to the same records, has a 19-year-old wife and had a 1 1/2-year-old son with her."

Age of Consent in Texas after 2005, is 17. They are not that confident yet, in their case. A 19 year old wife with a one and a half year old son was impregnated two years and three months ago. How old a 19 year old are we talking here? 19 years and 2 months? Saying that Allan Keate may have fathered and "underage child" with her (strange phrasing) doesn't speak of great confidence either.

Teresa Jeffs swears she is a virgin from what I've heard, that makes her "spiritual marriage" a betrothal and not a consumated relationship. The Doctor is charged with failure to report. That's four of the five. As I said, the charge of Bigamy against Merrill Jessop indicates the only charge that Texas has confidence in. Sorry to keep repeating myself but the evidence keeps stacking up, bit by bit. They would have charged the three other men with Bigamy if they thought the charges were good enough to stick. Of course, all of this may change.

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alaskagain/"Toes" said...

The indictments have been posted at

georgewiley said...

The names of the "victims" have been blacked-out by the newspapers. It will be instructive to learn their names.

The Pharisee said...

They will continue to do that even if those "victims" are of age now. It creates the illusion that a small cowering oppressed child is shivering behind their protection.

In reality there is probably an angry parent who is furious at the prospect of losing contact with her husband and her children losing a father.

cheese said...

...and may have fathered an underage child with her.

So just exactly how old is an "underaged child" when it is born?

kbp said...

"Saying that Allan Keate may have fathered and "underage child" with her "

I've fathered an "underage child", as do any parents! That is strange the way he worded it.