Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Several FLDS questions answered in this article.

The Salt Lake Tribune;

"One activist who has campaigned for government officials to crack down on underage marriages in the sect hailed Tuesday's indictments.

'I think it's a great start,' said Flora Jessop, a child victim advocate and ex-member of the sect. 'I'm proud of Texas for following through on the abuse they found.'"

Well DER, Flora is going to talk a good game, like abuse was found. What was found was a set of circumstances that INDICATE the POSSIBILITY of abuse, not abuse itself. But on with the show, Flora is always truthful on part these next several points;

"Jessop said she hopes the state also holds parents and other adults who were aware of the abuses accountable for sexual assaults on the community's children.

'That's the only way to send a strong message it has got to stop,' Jessop said. 'This has nothing to do with polygamy. It has to do with systemic rape, molestation and abuse of these children.'"

Right, it has NOTHING to do with polygamy. And until proven, since there are a set of circumstances that suggest, but do not prove rape abuse and molestation have occurred, it could hardly be called systemic. What Flora is always right about is that this is not about polygamy. Then she goes off the deep end and starts promoting her agenda. Even if EVERYTHING Flora says about her personal experience is true, it does not prove present day ongoing systemic rape, molestation and abuse. If anything the length of time before and the small number of indictments, tend to prove the opposite. I continue to point out that in comparing YFZ to society at large, YFZ was squeaky clean.

"Willie Jessop, an FLDS spokesman, said late Tuesday that the sect will address the allegations 'head on.'

'As soon as we know who they are looking for we will make contact with the sheriff's office and make arrangements for those people to appear on the charges,' he said."

So far the FLDS have not balked a bit at confronting charges so I'm confident Willie means this. It is also hard for the innocent to respond to sealed indictments, since they are innocent, and short of EVERYONE turning themselves in, no one knows who should turn who in. By saying that FLDS members will APPEAR on the charges, Willie makes a specific promise, that the five indicted persons subject to the warrants will show up in Texas and submit to arrest. That's quite a promise. Personally I'd have fled the jurisdiction by now with no plans of coming back. I have no trust for Texas Justice.

"Jessop was at the courthouse all day after being handed a subpoena Tuesday morning after a traffic stop. He was accompanied by Las Vegas attorney Richard Wright, who has assisted in Jeffs' defense, and several Texas attorneys. Jessop was not called before the jury, however."

Willies was rousted. The subpoena and traffic stop was intimidation and physical control of Willie. Funny how those who have no moral compass accuse others of that which they engage in themselves.

"Six FLDS women did appear before the panel, which met in the Memorial Building adjacent to the Schleicher County Courthouse.

During the afternoon proceedings, 51st District Judge Barbara Walther was in the courthouse as at least four of the women were questioned again."

Yes, one of them was Teresa Jeffs, contrary to how I interpreted the facts yesterday;

"Jeffs' 16-year-old daughter, whose marriage at age 15 to a much older man was revealed in court documents filed last week (testified.)"

I'll have to research who the "dismissed" witness was in between the June and July hearing. They have no leverage over Teresa since she has no child, though Natalie Malonis alleges that she does. I'm guessing her and the other minor, Veda Keate were not summoned back to the Grand Jury later in the day.

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georgewiley said...

1. Flora Jessop says there was systemic rape, molestation and abuse of the children at YFZ. In other words, she says she knew about it.

2. Flora Jessop says the only way to stop the RMandA is for the adults who knew about it to be indicted.

3. Therefore, Flora Jessop should be indicted for not reporting the specific incidences of RMandA she knew about, months and months, maybe years ago.

4. Flora Jessop was not indicted.

5. Therefore, Flora Jessop did not know about the RMandA she goes on about, ad nauseum.

6. Therefore, we can conclude that Flora Jessop is either (a) hysterical, (b) deluded, (c) a blithering liar, or (d) all of the above.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you think, georgewiley!