Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rozita to be back in court Monday, and other interesting facts.

33-year-old (Rozita E. Swinton) could be jailed for up to 12 months for violating the terms of her probation in another case of false reporting she pleaded guilty to in June 2007. As part of her probation, she was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and take any medicine prescribed to her, and stay out of trouble. That case stemmed from an arrest in Castle Rock in 2005 after she contacted an adoption center and authorities, claiming to be a 16-year-old named Jessica who was suicidal after giving birth.

She is due in court on that case Monday."

I urge the press to show up early, and not get duped again like they were this time. I have reason to believe she is also back at work at State Farm. It's not absolutely certain, but let's just say I have a somewhat reliable tip. That's MONDAY, ladies and gentlemen, July the 14th, 2008. Rise early, coffee up, don't get fooled again.

"One Schleicher County deputy tried to get Sarah Barlow's location but the girl hung up each time he asked her to describe her location. Once the deputy offered to go to whatever shelter she was at while wearing a shirt of any color she chose so she could tap him and escape."

Now that's new, I hadn't heard that before. Of course no one would take him up on that offer, because there was no one to take him up on the offer.

"Lisa Block, a spokeswoman with the Texas Department of Public Safety, said Wednesday they're awaiting lab results on items seized during a search in mid-April of Swinton's apartment to determine whether any charges will be filed in Texas.

Texas authorities have not said whether Swinton made (the) calls and Block declined to say whether they've determined any relationship between Swinton and the owner of the telephone.

Block said she did not have a timetable for when the forensic analysis would be completed. Authorities have not released details of what was seized."

The only forensic analysis that I can conceive of being made is that of cell phones, billing records for those phones, internet use, and computer hard drive analysis. If the analysis hasn't been completed, it wasn't started on a timely basis. By now such studies have would have been completed on a relatively inexpensive basis by most firms that offer to recover hard drive information. Texas is stonewalling. The truth is they don't WANT to know. Texas is not supposed to be an adversary in the process of discovering the truth, but clearly, they are.

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alaskagain/"Toes" said...

Didn't Flora record calls from Rozita, and play back a part of one on a tv interview? Also, if I remember correctly, Flora stated she turned over tapes to the Rangers, or other investigators. Does the NewBridge Shelter record their calls? Perhaps the tests include voice analysis, comparing recordings of different calls. Certainly seems like they've had quite enough time to do that.

Hugh said...

As long as Texas does not charge, try and convict her, they can continue the myth that they don't know it was her.

KBP said...

Maybe if they do not want proof to show it was her, it is because they already had something showing it could be her (or someone in Colorado Springs) before the raid took place.

Hugh said...

The idea that it wasn't her that called comes only from the failure of Texas to pursue a conviction of her, based on the evidence they possess. If they used the evidence rules they used for the FLDS, she'd be in jail already.

alaskagain/"Toes" said...

But isn't it their DUTY to determine who made the calls? Don't they have a civic or legal, moral or ethical OBLIGATION to do so?

Hugh said...

Well of course they do. Who's going to hold them to it? Governor Perry? It's the FLDS that has to push to investigate this crime, it was essentially THEIR ox that got gored. Frankly I'm beginning to get a bit tired waiting for them NOT to get revenge, but to do their part for justice as they plead for us to do.

Pliggy said...

In what way can they Hugh?

The FLDS has no proof that it was her specifically, they have never met her, never talked to her, and only know it was her based on media reporting on the state's investigation.

They only knew all along what most now know (thanks to you), that the calls did not come from the Ranch.

Hugh said...

The FLDS have enough evidence to bring a lawsuit for damages Pliggy. It may be that in discovery, they drop the lawsuit there turns out to be not enough evidence.

I don't want them to get revenge. I do think they should get to the bottom of this. We are backing the FLDS because what happened to them is just not right. Exposing what went on to cause this debacle is in their interest and the interest of every parent and family in this country. They need to act.