Sunday, July 13, 2008

Colorado Police search FLDS property.

I really don't like it when things seem like a coincidence in this case, because they usually aren't. This suggests cross talk between states. Oddly, Texas can encourage (it would seem) Colorado to go to the FLDS property there and search high and low, but they can't seem to remember to find out anything about the woman who made the calls. Rozita? Rozita Swinton? Seems to me that there was something important about her, never mind...

A Colorado sheriff used a search warrant to accompany zoning officials on a search of property tied to the Fundamentalist LDS Church.

The Deseret News -"Custer County Sheriff Fred Jobe obtained the warrant after FLDS members initially denied them entry to the property near Westcliffe, Colo., on July 3. Custer County zoning director Jackie Hobby told the Deseret News she was investigating a zoning complaint about property owned by a member of the polygamous sect.

'We have to follow up on complaints,' she said Friday."

Yes, yes of course, let's have ourselves a "witch hunt." I've heard there are witches out there.

"Hobby said she had concerns about venturing onto the property alone and asked to have a police escort.

'They (the FLDS) said no, I could come by myself but I couldn't bring the cops in,' she said."

Aww, are we afraid that the FLDS might react like they did in Eldorado and form a human cordon around, um, a, concrete pad?

"'Jobe obtained a warrant that allowed him and another deputy to escort Hobby onto the property, she said. Jobe didn't return a call seeking comment on Friday, but he told Westcliffe's Wet Mountain Tribune newspaper the warrant did not allow them to search anything for signs of criminal activity.

'Had we seen any criminal activity in plain sight we could have taken action. But that was not the case. We saw no criminal activity,' he told the newspaper."

My guess is the building inspection and the warrant for Jobe to bring a deputy was really to get the deputy on site so if there was some "criminal activity" they could "see it." They did cite the FLDS in Colorado with a couple of building code violations.

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