Sunday, July 20, 2008

FLDS Topic Centered Alexa Rankings

An update on what I pointed out about FLDS centered blogs.

On July 8th, it looked this way:

"Free the FLDS Children" - United States - 31,339
"FLDS View" - United States - 79,512
"I Perceive" - United States - 121,156
"Texas Polygamy" - 145,851
"The Common Room" - 153,680
"The Modern Pharisee" - United States - 199,050

Now it looks this way;

"Free the FLDS Children" - 38,569
"I Perceive" - 87,395
"FLDS View" - 90,722
"The Common Room" - 138,209
"The Modern Pharisee" - 149,101
"Texas Polygamy" - 161,395

Judging from these stats, there is still sustained interest in the public at large when it comes to the FLDS/YFZ Raid issue. Overwhelmingly readers choose blogs with a PRO FLDS bent. Texas Polygamy which has been around since the FLDS moved into Texas makes a thinly veiled sham attempt at appearing neutral, but is not. I'm no longer mentioning pathetic organizations like "the Hope Organization" because of their miserable readership.

There has been a little position swapping. "I Perceive" passed the FLDS view, and both it and "Free the FLDS Children fell a few notches, but my blog climbed up past Texas Polygamy and so did "The Common Room." I'd say that there is roughly the same amount of interest as there was before. If anything more people seem to think they'll get the straight scoop from Kurt, Bill, Pliggy, the "Headmistress" and I than they will anywhere else.

Alaskagain or "Toes" at "Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart" has even moved within 40,000 places of Flora Jessop, and she doesn't have TV exposure to help her out. In fact NONE of us do but we all outrank her. I still wonder why everyone flocks to Flora when they want a soundbite. Her brand of "truth" can't even raise her site above MINE. That's pathetic. If Fox or CNN or MSNBC wanted to have a guest on that would appear CREDIBLE to their viewers, they oughta call Bill Medvecky first, then Kurt and on down the line. Maybe they could have a panel discussion with Bill, Kurt, Pliggy, Flora and Sam Brower on. Let's throw in Rick Perry for fun. THAT would be a discussion. Pssst... Hey, 20/20. All of us outrank Truthbearer.

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Pliggy said...

I am somewhat confused, how is the low numbers are higher? Your list, is top to bottom or bottom to top?

Hugh said...

It's numerical rank. In College Football Rankings, you want to be "Number One," same deal here.

alaskagain/"Toes" said...

Amazing. All those thousands of "hits", and so few signers of the petition for a balanced Senate hearing.

Hugh said...

The numbers don't represent "Hits" but relative position on the World Wide Web in the United States. One would imagine that sites like "Google" would be number one.

alaskagain/"Toes" said...

ah. thanks, slow mind today. the light bulb is aglow. I understand now.

Amanda said...

Where do FLDS 101 and other anti sites figure?

Hugh said...

I included everyone bigger than "Texas Polygamy" blogspot that was devoting much of their blogging to the FLDS controversy.

Pliggy said...

hugh, I asked that question and about two minutes later I had a "duh" moment.

bleu said...

Today (7-23-08), in the 100 most popular sites in the US...

#29 youporn
#34 redtube
#38 pornhub
#58 adultaworld
#65 livejasmin
#85 xtube
#90 xvideos

Not one religious site listed in the top 100.

bleu said...

So then I go into the top 100 in the world...

#35 youporn
#49 redtube

and the people of the US and the world call the FLDS perverts?!