Monday, July 14, 2008

Rozita Swinton is on the LAM, a FUGITIVE!

An arrest warrant was issued Monday for a woman considered a person of interest in phone calls that may have sparked a raid on a Texas polygamist group. The warrant was issued after she didn't show up in court on the charges of violating probation.

Rozita Swinton, of Colorado Springs failed to show up for a hearing in Douglas County District Court on Monday afternoon for one of two false-reporting cases against her in Colorado."

Maybe she ran off with the one armed man. My instinct would be to check first, at her Foster Mother's house. David Foley, her attorney, DID NOT SHOW EITHER.

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cheese said...

I wonder if she'll make the FBI ten most wanted list?

Hugh said...

Just search for the Polygynist, with one wife.......Bwahahahahahahaha....