Friday, July 11, 2008

Someone did get a picture of Rozita.

Hat tip to my friend in Panama.

Compare the above, with this video report by Rick Sallinger, CBS4 in Denver. Is the first video Rozita we need to know? Is the second the con job she's STILL pulling off on the duped media?



Helpless, pathetic, con artist

By the way. Have we ever heard how she could be held hostage as a victim of kidnapping for five years? Look at this happy horsecrap story that was passed off on KRDO in Denver by what we later learned was the Publishing Company that is co-owned by Rozita Swinton's foster mother Mary Catharine Nelson, who by the way, is the "unnamed source close to Rozita Swinton."


She swaggered in RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES. Someone just had this camera pointed at the right place. They didn't know it was her, until later. Had anyone been aware she was WHO she was, she could have been surrounded and peppered with questions.

SHE HAD YOU ON. Cold as ice.

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