Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Immunity given to FLDS witnesses to force testimony?

Apparently immunity may have been granted to force testimony and FLDS mothers extorted by threats to their children;

The Houston Chronicle - "(Q)uestions over whether that immunity would be accepted by federal prosecution was in doubt, bringing the grand proceeding to a temporary halt (4 hrs) this afternoon. It wasn't immediately clear how those questions were resolved.

Sources familiar with the discussions spoke to the Chronicle on condition their names not be used. One said state District Judge Barbara Walther was called to the secret proceedings and kept in a room separate from the deliberations to go over the immunity issue."

This says Walther did not testify. It also strongly suggests immunity was offered and given. Judging from the way Texas has been conducting it's affairs, I daresay that witnesses were granted immunity with the assurance that the immunity would protect them from the consequences of their testimony, and this may have been a lie. It would explain this part of the article as well;

"(Sarah Barlow) Draper, 37, could be seen daubing her tearful eyes before she re-entered the room. Leann Jeffs' attorney, Andrea Sloan, patted her client on the back before they headed into the grand jury room."

Which would suggest she was forced to testify. The official rumor is that the deal was offered.

"Sources close to the investigation said the state of Texas offered female members of the FLDS immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony."

This was speculated to be the reason by your Modern Pharisee for no idictments in the second July meeting of the Grand Jury, and the reason for the month long delay for the third meeting, today. The first Grand Jury meeting resulted in 18 indicments, but no arrests have been reported. This one resulted in 6, after forced testimony it would appear. Testimony forced by offers of immunity that Texas may not have the authority to give.

The dilemna for FLDS mothers was that if they go to JAIL for not testifying, they would lose their children as a side effect. I am sure they would have spent the time in jail but they were in a rock and hard place situation. Testify with immunity. Refuse and face contempt. With fathers under threat of arrest or with practical rights terminated, the mother would be the only parent. A mother in jail for contempt, would lose her children to state custody. This is apparently EXACTLY what was done.

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