Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More information on the FLDS indictments trickles out.

Hmmm, this is about the first thing that Willie Jessop has said that I have a hard time believing. If it's true, Willie, you better wise up. OF COURSE there were going to be indictments. Harry Reid had been promised indictments. He would have scheduled no hearings otherwise. It's POLITICAL Willie, there were going to be indictments, yet there is something that is not exactly shocking, but eyebrow raising in this story from the Austin American-Stateman.

"'We're actually quite shocked. As soon as we know who they're looking for, we'll try to face it,' Jessop said. 'We believe in our innocence.'

He said he didn't know who was indicted and that no law enforcement officials had tried to enter the ranch Tuesday evening."

What's up with that last part? Texas hasn't tried to look for the offenders at YFZ? Isn't that a logical place to look? Are they afraid they will reveal WHO the people they look for ARE? Why is it that Texas is nervous about identifying them? Is it that the revelation of their identities would tell us too much? Like how weak or how unrelated to the raid the charges are? Another thought is that they know where these suspects are, and they are out of state and Texas is quietly seeking cooperation from other states to arrest them.

What we do know is that one indictment is for failing to report child abuse. That leaves four indictments for other crimes. One HAS to be for Raymond Jessop, the "spiritual husband" of Teresa Jeffs. The other has to be for the father of Veda Keate's child. It is possible that they don't have names for some of the indictments. I don't know enough about the law at this point to say. They may be combining DNA evidence to identify a DNA profile for the indictments, but as yet do not have a name to go with the indictment. That seems a little far fetched. We seem to know two of the four men indicted.

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georgewiley said...

Here are some possible explanations for the failure of law enforcement types to go to the YFZ Ranch to arrest the indictees, or to let Willie and/or someone else know who they want:

1. Law enforcement types (LET: I will call them this for a while, rather than Advocates For A Texas Police State [AFTPS]) know the indictees are not at the Ranch.

2. LET knows the indictees are at the Ranch, but want to go there at about 3:00 a.m., in hopes that they can just shoot the indictees while "resisting arrest." [Remember the Black Panthers in Chicago: shot dead by LET while in their beds.]

3. The LET want to serve the warrants somewhere else, out of sight of witnesses, so they can just shoot those people dead.

4. They won't tell Willie, because they think he will inform the indictees and they will flee in the dark of night. Just before 3:00 a.m.]

5. LET want the indictees to flee (they assume they know who they are, because their wifes were put to the screws by Attorney General 'Bud' Abbott, and the Grandiloquent Jury), so they can be charged in federal court with crossing state lines to avoid prosecution.

No. 4 is what you will here from AFTPS shills such as txbleucrap.

Hugh said...

Based on what Willie said, I am confident the indicted would turn themselves in.

All speculation is exactly that, speculation, but it seems to me that we might really start laughing at some of the indictments, if they told us what they were and who was the subject of the indictments.

With 5 of them for people out of jail and roaming around, I simply don't believe there are no arrests. Clearly from Willie's remark, you have to think that some of these indictments will come as a surprise to the indicted.

Xorphshire said...

I think that may be it. Some of the indictments are just near enough to the silliness zone, that it will make Texas look better if they can manufacture some fugitives out of them first. That would look better, AND more vindicative.

I think georgewiley's right too. They'd really rather just shoot them, like they were prepared to do in April. These Texas "officials" have a strange god -- and as Kurt Schulzke said, they don't "operate according to the same Constitution as the rest of the country." They serve a strange god, and they really bad need a human sacrifice for it.

I'm not sure what their new religion is, but txbigotman is undoubtedly among their faithful. His ability to regurgitate the lies, pervert and truth, and twist what others say, ought to qualify him to be in Texas government.

Gee.... I wonder if he is already. LOL

Hugh said...

I go back and forth on the idea that one of the warrants is for Willie Jessop. It's for "failure to report child abuse."

Willie is supposed to have been Warren Jeffs bodyguard, the origin perhaps for his unsavory gangland style nicknames that only the police seemed to know up until their recently publication.

Willie intends to be in Washington last I heard for the Senate Hearings. He was stopped and given a subpoena before going to court Tuesday in Eldorado, and as it turned out, he did not testify.

Maybe they intend to dramatically arrest him on the Capitol steps in front of the cameras and "perp walk" him out to a squad car.

Willie will make bail, I am sure, but not in time to be at the proceedings.

We'll see tomorrow. The longer they go without arresting someone, the more I think the indictments are sealed for the benefit of Texas, and not because Texas needs secrecy to effect an arrest.