Friday, July 25, 2008

What a concept, there is no evidence of a crime that did not occur.

In the Austin American-Statesman it seems that Texas has a hard time grasping the obvious. When there is no crime, it's hard to find.

"'The FLDS group is very difficult to penetrate,' (Texas Attorney General Greg) Abbott said. 'They have a veil of silence that they operate under, and as a result, the kind of evidence that's necessary to prosecute the crimes that they may be committing is difficult to obtain. I think with what Senator Reid is proposing, what the committee is considering, it will provide greater tools for the federal authorities to help go in and begin to eradicate some of the criminal activity that may be taking place.'"

You said it yourself Greg, "may be taking place." Examine your own words for a moment. They mean that there COULD be NO CRIME taking place. Nothing leaves no trace, which COULD account for the difficulty of penetrating the "veil of silence." There always is silence when no one makes a sound. There is no evidence when something does not occur, making it "difficult to obtain."

What a concept. Spend time and money on places that crimes aren't difficult to find, because they actually leave evidence. The idea that you THINK there is a crime, and are frustrated by the absence of evidence leads many people to believe that they were wrong. But not Texas. Not Greg Abbott.

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georgewiley said...

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

It sounds like the intelligence of Greg Abbott's words.

Boise Leon said...

I am sitting here laughing...thinking of how the feds are going to put an agent into the FLDS without getting caught. After Flora or Rozitta they would have to choose a typical undercover guy who can frame a house, doesn't smoke or drink. He must be willing to milk the cows for his chores...and then it gets ridiculous....Haah!

Hugh said...

Sheriff Doran apparently let it be believed that there was an informant on the inside place there as "one of them."

This would have been unbelievably difficult. Doran later said he had no informant though the myth persists to this day and is oft repeated.