Sunday, June 29, 2008

Patting my own back, THE PHARISEE NAILS IT, Natalie Malonis CONFESSES.

On THURSDAY I outlined a strategy in which Texas would use the Testimony of various FLDS moms to GET THE KIDS;

"I wouldn't put it past them. The prosecution GRANTS immunity to the FLDS women, who either then TESTIFY or are held in contempt. All the children then whose fathers did not show up to submit DNA evidence and have had their parental rights terminated are out of the picture.

Mom is now in JAIL. CPS comes to get the kids. They could get most of the kids back that way."

Thursday, PLUS THIRTY MINUTES, Natalie Malonis proposes almost EXACTLY the same strategy. The EMAIL that Brooke Adams got came to her at 12:30am Friday Morning. I was so concentrated on one part of the answers, that I missed ENTIRELY the thrust of another part of Natalie's answer.

"Then suppose the girl is subpoenaed to testify about those circumstances, and if she lies to protect her husband it will be viewed as an inability to protect her children. It will be seen as a preference to protect her adult husband over her defenseless children. Suppose also that her husband is nowhere to be seen and although there is DNA and a baby that prove what happened, the alleged perpetrator still will not come forward to take any responsibility.

At the same time, the alleged perpetrator and various other trusted and powerful members of the community keep reinforcing the idea that the girl is a traitor to her community and her faith if she tells the truth. The 14 year old girl has internalized the teaching that to betray the church means being shunned and ostracized. She feels as if her very survival is on the line, so she refuses to testify for fear of the consequences.

She knows that she may be taken into detention and she may lose custody of her children if she does not testify truthfully, and she ignores the small voice in her head that tells her that if her husband would come forward and tell what happened, she and her children would not be in this position. Not a word from her husband. She does not even know where he is, and she knows it is not her place to ask or question."

Is this not in fact that very strategy? Isn't Natalie threatening EXACTLY that? The state will used YOUR TESTIMONY to show you an unfit mother? Why AIR such stuff? The answer is only that Natalie is acting in CONCERT with the state of Texas to threaten the mothers of the FLDS. "Don't testify and you will LOSE your children." The FLDS Mom's and Teresa Jeffs (almost certainly NOT a mom) apparently took the 5th. Let's review what my proposed strategy was again. My clarifying comment on that post from Thursday.

"Theory: Texas is playing rock and hard place.

It has been floated that those fathers that will not come forth will have their parental rights 'terminated.' I have always wondered why the state of Texas viewed that as a threat.

With Fathers TERMINATED, mom is offered IMMUNITY from what ever the crime they are pleading the 5th for. The object of taking the 5th is because they don't wish to incriminate themselves. The purpose of taking the 5th is not to testify at all. With prosecution threats removed from Moms, they are COMPELLED to testify.

Moms still of course DO NOT want to testify because they may endanger friends or husbands. They now MUST do so or face contempt.

Mom Goes to JAIL for Contempt, stays indefinitely. State takes "abandoned" children.

Variations. Children cannot leave the state. Dads come to be with, their parental rights have not been terminated. Dads are arrested and DNA tested. Children are deemed again to be in unsafe environment for whatever reason. Children taken. State gets dads DNA."

Is this not almost exactly that strategy?

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kbp said...

It's hard to rule anything out, but your theory looks backwards as I am reading it. They need something with which to terminate parental rights. Absent the mother giving testimony to use, there is nothing. Absent immunity that assures her testimony can NEVER be used to incriminate her, mother is never in contempt.

Hugh said...

Natalie clearly wishes that it to be believed that some sort of testimony trap can be used to take the kids. I would be happy to know that my theory is backwards. If it is, and it can be shown to be backwards, that would take some possible pressure of FLDS moms.

James said...

They also need federal immunity (from federal crimes like polygamy) and maybe immunity from other states (for crimes committed there) and Texas doesn't have the power to grant that.

Hugh said...

Hence the 30 days between Grand Jury meetings? Perhaps they go get all those things? We don't know the line of questioning that took 40 minutes for each of them. Perhaps it consisted of gaining a list of all places they had lived within a period consisting of the statue of limitations for the various crimes.

Pligchild said...

Don't hurt your arm, let me do it for you.
"pat, pat"